MRI of spine where to now


Had MRI of spine last Sat - as soon as I came out of tube nice radiologist said when are you seeing your consultant. Crikey I thought hes found something - I have an appt in a couple of months I said

he said phone neuros sec just to let them know you have had it done. Phoned sec on Monday she said ok thanks etc… phoned again on Wed and apparently neuro had been discussing scans in a meeting tues with radiologist is this norm ??? quyite quick as well. Anyway phoned Wed and she said neuro had dictated letter “all appears clear” have yet to see this in writing but dont know what to think

Meanwhile symptoms persist and not seeing neuro till end of ~April???

Any thoughts appreciated

Keep well Hx

It’s actually radiographers who run scanners and although they can probably spot major abnormalities, they are trained in MRI rather than interpreting MRI and, tbh, I would happily bet that most of them don’t actually look at the scans - they will be filling in paperwork, answering emails, chatting with colleagues, etc, once they’ve set the scanner going. So I would guess that the radiographer’s question was more about admin than anything he spotted on your MRI.

A lot of neuros have regular meetings with other neuros and with radiographers. It is probably more likely that your scans just happened to be done at the right time to get discussed quickly than the neuro had a special meeting for your results.

“All appears clear” does sound a bit woolly, and I’m not sure where it leaves you - only your neuro can tell you that I’m afraid

The end of April must seem a very long way off, but you can always get your GP to ask for an earlier appointment if you get worse, or phone the neuro’s secretary (she sounds like a nice & helpful).

Karen x

Thanks for your reply - I will see my GP to see if I get get back to my consultant quicker

H x