MRI radiologists acting strange at my scan yday or just paranoid?

Hi all, I have been presenting with possible MS symptoms for almost a year now. My neurologist referred me for an MRI which I had yesterday. However, when having the scan, the woman said through the speaker that she was doing the last photo. After this, she came back on the speaker and said they needed to do a few more. This made my scan last about an hour. Once they came into the room and I was out of the machine, I asked if I moved and that was why they had to take more. The radiologist simply replied “no we needed more images for other reasons”. They could see I was concerned by this but nothing else was said. I know it could be me just reading too much into it, but in all honesty I was hoping that I would get the all the clear about having MS but now I am concerned. Anyway my question is what do you guys think about the extra images? and did anything similar happen in your scans? and how long did your results take? (It was at southmead hospital in Bristol) Thank you

Crumbs, this takes me back 15 years when desperately searching the radiographer’s face for clues after my own MRI. It’s natural - with information in short supply and the stakes high, of course a person is on full alert with every sense straining for any shred of information, even if the over-fired imagination has to work overtime to find some.

Look, you know yourself that there is no use trying to read the tea-leaves until the radiologist has reported and the neurologist has reviewed and decided what, if anything, it has to tell him or her (or you).

I dimly recall going home afterwards (it was early evening) and getting well stuck into a very large glass of wine before even taking my coat off. I would suggest you do the same or another calming equivalent according to taste!

I hope that you soon get some clarity about your health.


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Perhaps some of the images weren’t as good as they need to be. I think it was wrong of her to tell you she was taking the last photo, but then to go on and take more.

Try not to let this add to your anxieties. If you haven’t got an appointment for the results in a week, then ring the neuro’s secretary and ask about an appointment.


Thank you both. I’m probably overthinking what happened