Still waiting on MRI results!

So I had my MRI two weeks ago which went a bit strange (radiologist ended up having to take more images although they told me when it was meant to be the last one then decided to take more). They refused to explain why, but said that I did not move and this was not the reason. I rang my GP today who said results hadn’t got to them yet, so I rang my neuro’s secretary who said that radiology hadn’t even handed over the results to them yet?! Should I take that as a good or bad sign? I just assume that if the scan is fine they will be quick with letting me know that? Or is it a no news is good news thing? what are your experiences?! Thanks in advance, just going out of my mind at the moment.

Hi Jruss1511

The wait is killing me too! Had mine nearly a month ago and still haven’t officially had the results. When I had mine done, the radiographers kept making lots of ‘nearly done’ comments, and would then need to do more. I think they make lots of soothing comments to keep people calm - remember they deal with people who’ve had accidents, who have heart problems, through to those in for help with diagnosis. Not all patients are as paranoid as us, so they probably don’t over think what they are saying. If it was a spine MRI, I know that even breathing smudges the images, & they can’t ask you to hold your breath for long enough, so they just take the images, & repeat as necessary.

It would be unusual for a radiologist to do the MRI. It’s normally radiographers who do it, and they are trained to get clear images, not know what the images mean. Radiologists are the consultants who interpret the scan, and they very rarely ever have patient contact.

When mine was done I asked the radiographers if they knew when the results would come through. They didn’t. They didn’t even know if they were currently being processed in-house, or if they were being sent out to a private company. All depends on the back log. They did say that they’d heard of cases where it had taken 6 weeks.

So, get frustrated about how slow the whole process is, but don’t worry about it. It will take as long as it takes!


Sorry, I did mean radiographer, didn’t realise there was a difference. It was only a brain MRI. Ahh, waiting that amount of time must be frustrating. Fingers crossed for you Paula, and thanks for replying.