Over active bladder - hope

Hi everyone
I’ve been struggling with an Over active bladder and urge incontinence and UTI’s for at least a year.

I’ve now had an ultrasound on my bladder and then a camera inserted into my bladder via my urethra which has happily found nothing sinister.

So I’ve been advised to stop drinking both caffeinated and non caffeinated drinks, tea, coffee, green tea, carbonated drinks and in a fortnight my symptoms have improved. The consultant did say I could still drink alcohol :hugs:

For more information a Google search on Over Active Bladder gives more detailed information

Hope this is helpful

Good luck


Hi Adam
I also suffer with urgency. It might be related to an enlarged prostate as well as MS. I’m on Tamsulosin for the prostate and Trospium Chloride (Regurin) for the urgency. They both work because prior to flow tests with Urology team, I had to stop taking them. Worth asking either your MS team or GP to refer you to Urology, but it’s possible you’re already seeig them if you’ve had ultrasound.

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