Overactive Bladder Syndrome - Crossed Legs!!

Hi everyone,

One of my many ‘Gremlins’ has just been labelled ‘Overactive Bladder Syndrome’.

My GP is reluctant to treat this with drugs due the side effects, hence I understand that ‘bladder retraining’ will be adopted initially.

My sleep is interrupted up to seven times a night due to this problem. Daytimes can be a nightmare if I am stuck in unfamiliar surroundings and cannot find a loo. I get spells where I need the toilet every 15 minutes at worst.

Ref. bladder retraining, I cannot bear the thought of having to drink more fluids and holding onto my wee when I feel the need to go.

Are there any kind souls out there with experience of this and any tips please?

Thanks so much

Can certainly relate to your situation. Perhaps you should seek a referral to a urologist. Have tried three of the medications ditropan, detrusitol, vessicare; all work to some degree but not enough in some cases. Bit of dry mouth the most obvious side effect for me and a couple of questionable ones that may have been caused by something else: brief episode of double vision and some minor difficulty swallowing. But the emerging treatment of choice when medication is not helpful seems to be Botox injections to the bladder. I am awaiting the OK for this once my urologist has a clearer picture of whats going on. Goodluck.

Yes I have had bladder retraining after many tests etc. Basically this consisted of trying to last for a couple of hours before I had to pee and slowly building up the length of time between going. Also, not going before going out ‘just in case’. Additionally, not drinking any caffeine and I chose to give up alcohol too. Finally, I am on solifenacin too. All these things have really helped me in the last four years up until July when I had a serious UTI and have had an urgency sensation again, so I have to see my consultant again in a few weeks about this latest problem. However all of the above made a huge difference. I too was going to the loo loads of times a night and I’ve now cut this down to once per night- so much more sleep! Hope this helps, I know how much this can get you down. If I had one wish it would be this symptom that I got rid of. Anyway that’s not real life is it? I do hope you can improve your problem and make your life more bearable. Tree65 xx

Hi, you could benefit from seeing a continence advisor.

I believe you can self refer for this…I did.

Mine were wonderful. I did have a test to see iif I retain any urine and dont. So im a good emptier…I know it is just awful when we have accidents, but i think that is better than having to self catheter, if we can`t empty.

I take 20mg of oxybutynin a day and with them and nhs pads, I manage quite well…but accidents still do occur.

I did try an in-dwelling catheter for 5 months, but didn`t get on well with it.

I have trained myself to ignore my bladder during the night and can usually hold on untill morning.

As I am having difficulty transferring, I often start to wee before I am on the loo, but the pads help a lot.

The side effects I get from the meds is a dry mouth. I always keep a bottle of water with me. And yes, I like to know where the loos are when out and about!

luv POllx

Hi Hun. I also have Overactive bladder syndrome so I feel for you. I saw a renal consultant many years ago and he told me it was all mind over matter, and to not let my bladder be a bully. I actually laughed at this. I’ve tried bladder retraining and it was just too painful. I know my triggers are basically all drinks with caffeine but even water doesn’t let me wait much longer. I tried some drug they were reluctant to give me, begins with F, but can’t remember the whole name. Problem with me though, this so called ’ helpful’ drug caused me the most horrendous pain in my bladder and made me quite ill. I couldn’t keep off the toilet. All side effects are different to individuals but since that pill, I’ve just learned to live with it. Just avoid caffeine if you can, even tea has caffeine in it, but there is caffeine free tea out there. And good brands too. -Kare x

Hi peeps,

Thanks for all your kind comments and useful advice.

I’ve been trying retraining (self-help) but it’s easier said than done and seems to make the discomfort / stinging feeling worse rather than better. Cutting out caffiene has made no difference for me (although I was only having up to three cups a day). Alcohol is not even in the mix - I stopped drinking in August.

Still, it’s early days yet and I’m sure my GP has some kind of masterplan

Although the bladder retraining really helped I also needed medication to alleviate the burning/stinging sensation. I was under a consultant and was helped by the urodynamics dept of the hospital. Has your GP not suggested referring you? These people are more qualified to help with a specific problem that maybe a GP does not have much experience of. Anyway I hope you get some decent help that makes you feel better! Tree65

Hi Tree,

No referral has been made as yet. I think my GP is waiting to see the outcome of my impending appointment with my Neurologist.

Good news is that my bladder is a little more settled now since cutting out caffiene and going onto Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain.

Does anyone know if Amitriptyline is clinically proven to alleviate symptoms of Overactive Bladder Syndrome?