OAB - over active bladder


Has anyone got any advice for this really annoying symptom?

Was begining to fell better yesterday and then started with this. I can cope with most things but this is just something else.

Has anyone tried solifenacin?



I switched to decaff tea and coffee, drink more water and have the odd herbal tea as well. Found I am not needing to go as much, also not as urgent when I go need to go. Also when I do go it feels like I have emptied my bladders, when before it did not. Good luck Ps do not restrict fluid intake, it does not work and can lead to infections

Thanks apple pad.

Do you take any supplements? Have read that pumpkin seeds and St Johns wort can help. I have had it in the past and I started taking B12, which got rid of all my symptoms but it came back yesterday. It’s very frustrating.

I’ll try doing the natural stuff and see how it goes. Thanks.


GP put me on amitriptyline which helped with this and some of the other symptoms like pain in limbs. It really made a difference!

Sadly, they have had to take me off it for the time being as they are checking out some other weird stuff going on with me. So, I’m back to getting up to go to the loo about 8 times a night!


Hi Claire and thanks,

I just read your blurb. I had absolutely loads of symptoms at the beginning of the year. I ended up taking B12, it really helped with all my symptoms and after a week I felt great. Unfortunately, I got a reaction to it after 3 weeks and had to stop. I’m taking it now though and it is making a lot of difference, apart from with this OAB and it gives me loads of energy. I was just wondering if you had tried it?

I am going to try the natural route before trying meds. Cut out caffeine, etc. I will give amitriptyline a go if that doesn’t work.

Thanks for the response.

Adrian x

Amitriptyline! Argh. I was taken off that because I found it was making me struggle even more with getting my wee out! I have had numerous bladder infections and now probably Interstitial Cystitis, so antibiotics can no longer help. I’m trying to sort myself out by cutting out caffeine and drinks/foods with citric acid in as much as possible but drinking as much as possible. A full bladder helps me void it easier AND plenty of water means there is less urea in it which helps a lot with irritation.

It’s a horrible one, I’ll give you that. xx

I found solifenacin (as with similar meds) made a difference for a period, but the effect waned and once you reach a max dose you may run out of med options. If it is long term problem, then you could ask about botox.


Can I ask what solifenacin does??

I started several months ago with urge incontinence - basically my bladder was not telling me it was full until the very last second - then panic!! - & running to the loo with no control!

Then when I went really ill this last episode - lasted 3/4 months - I had a couple of embarrassing bed wetting episodes - then all of a sudden I could not feel my bladder at all - totally numb!

I manage it in the day by just going regularly - and at night it just doesn’t bother me - in the morning my bladder if full to bursting but I can’t feel it - it’s very odd! Then when I go it’s emptying ok - just no sensation!!

Most of my symptoms have now calmed down and I’m back in work - but I still can’t feel my bladder! I was wondering whether it would be worth me rying this solifenacin?? xxxjenxxxx

Hi Adrian - this was my first proper symptom. Solution for me was isc or intermittent self catheterisation- sounds hideous but gave me my life back of not constantly having to find and go to the loo. It was difficult to start with but is now easy peasy lemon squeezy. now before I go out I isc to fully empty my bladder. Then I can go for a good while before going again. And no despite what anyone says I don’t drink what is recommended. I would say 3 -4 mugs of coffee- yes coffee - couldn’t give it up. When I have my bloods tested no signs of dehydration so I carry on Finally desmopressin is a must as even with isc just before bed I would still have to get up. But desmopressin means I don’t and NICE recommend it and I get a good nights sleep Hope this helps and you get sorted Hugs Minxx

Hi Min, Jen,

Thanks for the feedback. I think I have the opposite yo you. I feel I need to go all the time when in fact I don’t. It’s quite horrible. I go and then five minutes later think I need to go again but obviously I don’t. I’ve cut out tea toay and it does seem to be a lot better.

So legs and fingers crossed. It’s horrible thinking that you need to go to the toilet all the time.

Jen, solifenacin is an antispasmodic, so I am not sure if it would be suitable in your case. It sounds like you can’t tell when you need to go. I must have a muscle in spasm which affects the bladder. I’ll have to talk to my Doctor about it and he’ll look back blankly at me.

What a horrible disease this is. You overcome one symptom and then another comes along to slap you in the face.

Anyway, Hope it all works out for you. Sorry that I couldn’t be more help Jen. Thanks for your feedback, it’s very much appreciated.

Adrian x

Hi Adrian I have found that solifenacin works well for that constant need to go. I have been on it for about four years now and although it still works quite well, I think my body has got used to it and it is not as effective as it was. Having said that, I wouldn’t be without it as that constant need to go takes over your life. Hth, Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa. I’ll ask my Doctor about it. I was reading that botox is really good and gives relief for up to 9 months.

Do you get any side effects?


Adrian x

Hi Adrian I think if you have Botox, you have to self-catherterise as your bladder is unable to empty once you have that done. I could be wrong, I’m sure someone else will know. Teresa xx

Yes, I think the Botox paralyses the bladder! Teresa xx

Hi Adrian,

Out of interest, have you been to your GP about this? Could you have a bladder infection? This is something quite common in those with MS who have bladder problems. Similarly, because I struggle to get all my urine out sometimes - i.e. my bladder won’t void completely on its own, I have to push and press my hands into my bladder to get the rest out - some urine was staying in and it caused numerous infections. It was these infections that made me think I needed the toilet all the time.

If this is not the case then please ignore me. But if you’ve not been tested I suggest you go to your GP or to a walk in centre. It will take them two minutes and all you have to do it give a urine sample. Antibiotics should see you right afterwards.

FYI, if you do have one, drink cranberry juice, eat yoghurt and avoid citric acid (i.e. especially orange squash) and caffeine. Drink plenty of water.

Hope this helps.

Elle x

Hi Elle,

I have looked at the possibility. I am seeing the Doctor next week, the earliest appointment they had. They have awalk in, so I will try that. I really hope it’s that, that would be a massive relief.

Thanks for the response.

Mmm, the self catherterising doesn’t sound too great Teresa. Thanks for the info.

Adrian x

Hi Adrian

Ive been on Tolterodine, which did help. I came off this, as I found my bladder was a lot better after completing the initial Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I was doing great, but then had a relapse and I couldnt get to the HBOT and I found I was back on the Tolterodine. Im now back into my routine of HBOT sessions and confident I can come off the Tolterodine again. I found out about it through the MS Trust, here is the link http://www.mstrust.org.uk/atoz/hbo.jsp. Everyone is different, so what works for one may not work for another. Just thought I would mention this if you didnt want to go down the medication route. Good luck, Heather

Hi Heather,

Thanks for that. After reading Elle’s response. I’m begiining to think that is an infection. I have pains in my back on the left-hand side aswell which may indicate a kidney infection. It’s amazing how you have a knee jerk reaction to everything that is going on in your body and thinking the worse. I’m really grateful to all your replies. I will be going to the walk-in as soon as possible. Feel a lot better, so thank you very much.

Glad that the HBOT is working for you.

Adrian :wink: