Help with meds?

Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can help with this? I have been on solifenacin for the last five years for an Overactive bladder. It hasn’t been working as well as previously for the last year so I’m now trying trospium chloride. Can anyone tell me their experiences of this please? Thanks, Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, I have used solifenacin (vesicare) and now use oxybuynin. I reckon it is effective. Not tried the one you are now on.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, Love Teresa xx

Don’t know if this is useful to you but I started on pregabalin for pain and unexpectedly it seems to have also relieved my bladder problems.

It appears not to be well used but will bump you up just incase.


Thanks guys, Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,

Hope this helps you with your problems.

Does this mean you have been for the referal now and this is whats been offered?

Good luck with it.

Teresa. x

Hi Teresa No, not yet. GP thought I ought to try another med to see if it would help. I have been in touch with the continence service this week and they are trying to get me in fairly urgently. GP is really behind me though and has been in touch with my uro/gynae consultant who has assured her that when I see the continence nurse I can get the go-ahead for ISC. So, things are starting to happen, albeit slowly. Teresa xx

Been told on Thursday that continence nurse thinks I may be prescribed Lyrica, which I understand is pregabalin? She said it has the effect of making the bladder behave.

I have used what you are now and found it very good. My problems have slightly changed and am not currently on any meds for bladder.



Thanks Bren and thanks for the info re: Pregabalin. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,

thought it was too good to be true that you had been for the appointment already! lol!

Hope it’s not too long though so you can get some help.

Teresa. x

Thanks Teresa, Teresa xx