Oven advice please

What is the best oven for a wheelchair user please?

SIde-opening doors, slide under door, any other features etc

I would prefer a double oven if possible.

What would you recommend (or steer away from)?


Cant help you on the make, but would assume if your a wheelchair user or are likely to be, then one where it is on chest level or a bit lower so you can get things in and out. I would personally buy a hallogen fryer as they work like ovens, use less electricity and are healthier, using less fat etc. Also you could buy a grill for table top, toaster and use microwave. Im all for gadgets which save on utilities.

Hope someone else can help with makes etc. I have a double oven, its electrolux, and Im pleased with mine, just not the bills when I use it all the time, it has one at chest height, and the second near to the floor with hallogen hob on top seperate.

Good luck with hunting for the right one.



Blummin eck…me and sister are pondering your question.

You know what I`d do?..use a microwave!

Sorry this isnt much use.

luv Pollx

Really would like a full size oven if possible (though thanks for Halogen idea Bren)

Have found some with side opening doors and some with wooden shelves that pull out to use as a food rest.

Anyone in a wheelchair able to help me please?

Hi Bren and Poll have good ideas but think you are still looking for a full size oven. I don’t use a wheelchair in the house but I am always sitting down , I use a computer style seat so it is on wheels and can move about. I move it to where I need it either by moving it by sitting on it or standing up nd pushing it to where I need it but that is beside the point, I am always sitting down when I am using the oven. I have just fitted a new double oven as part of a new kitchen as part of an extension to the house. It was a lot of work and myself and the builder (who was excellent in considering things that might help me or might not be suitable for me) tried to think of everything. Neither of us even thought about the design of the oven! The oven in my old kitchen was a double oven that slotted in and out. The top oven had a door that lifted down, the bottom oven had a door that pulled out. I used the bottom oven much more (it was a bigger better oven) and had got used to the door pulling out. I had to move my seat clear of where the oven door would pull out to open it and again to close it. I had got used to this design. With my new oven it is a built in double oven. The top oven is the same as the old one and poses no problem to me when sitting down. The bottom oven (the better bigger oven and the one I will use more), the door pulls down, the same as the top oven, so I have to move my chair back to pull the door down so am not as close to the oven when the door is open as I was with the previous oven. It took me a wee while to get used to this (a week or so) but now it poses me no problem. Also with the pull down door when the door is pulled down and open I can lift something out of the oven, place it on the open lifted down door which is useful and I couldn’t do with the old style oven with the pull open door. I’m happy with th new oven, was happy too with the od one, its just small differences but do think about what you are buying and have a look and think before you buy. I didn’t look before I bought because my builder was sorting everything out for me, so am lucky that it is suitable for me but I am happy with it. With the door lifted down and my seat pushed back to accommodate the pulled down door I might find it a little harder to get to the very back of the oven to clean it. I haven’t attempted cleaning it yet! Sort this is much longer than intended, I hope you understand my ramblings! Cheryl:-)


I am just in the process of getting a new disability kitchen fitted for wheelchair use. One of the MUSTS was a safe oven and the OT involved in the design process had some helpful suggestions. Can you get some input from an OT before going ahead? Kitchen alterations and appliances are expensive purchases. It would pay to get it right first go

Firstly was having the oven installed at a height that was reachable from sitting position which really makes a double oven pretty tricky. The height ends up having the bottom of the oven just below bench height.

Secondly is to have an oven door that slides under the oven to avoid burns and to allow the chair to get close enough in to allow for safe lifting in and out of heavier items otherwise you risk dropping the lot in your lap.

Thirdly is having a minimum 300mm hob immediately adjacent to the oven to allow for safe transfer of hot items without having to move the chair.

This is a really good, although expensive oven, for wheelchair users.It is the one the OT recommended (My kitchen is being funded so lucky me, I don’t have to worry about the cost )

Good luck with it all,


l had a new kitchen about 6yrs ago. l have a built-in double oven with a microwave on the top. When l fractured my ankle l had to use a wheelchair - l could reach the lower large oven but not the top one or the microwave.

lf l could start again l would go for two single built in ovens side by side. And the combination microwave [convection/microwave/grill] on the worktop. The problem with a double oven is the top oven is a bit of a waste as it is not big enough to hold plates/serving dishes etc to warm when cooking for guests.

l love cooking - and l love my ‘lnduction Hob’ - it is so efficient - easy to clean - and so so safe in case l did slip and touch it.

lt was the best thing l ever bought. Everyone who sees it are impressed. Even friends who have said they would only cook with gas - soon change their minds when they have a go with the induction hob. lt took me a while to get use to using all the components on the microwave. My old one only microwaved - this- you can use as an oven/grill - and a combination of convection and micro - and grill and micro as well. This means that jacket potates/pies/pasties can be cooked quickly and still be have a good crust/crispy skin. l have not tried a halogen oven - they look a good idea if you have the space to store one. The main advantage is that you can use it wherever you have a power point - so quite versatile.

My built in double oven is about 16’’ off the floor - and l can reach both ovens whilst sitting down. Drop down doors that are easy to remove for cleaning. l do a lot of cooking and entertaining. l have used an office chair to sit on before now- you can make the seat higher and use the wheels to propel yourself around.