My wife has secondary progressive MS & is beginning to find difficulty walking around our house using a ‘zimmer frame’ & is falling over more often which raises concerns when she’s on her own (I work full time & I have a son in school & daughter at Uni)

Although we have a wheelchair for transporting her when we are out this, I think, is too big for home use.

Can anyone recommend a good wheelchair that can be used by my wife for in door use only.

Any advise would be appreciated.




i would ask your GP for a referral to wheelchair services, they would be able to help with an indoor chair.

I had an indoor only chair at first it was an Invacare Appolo, it was Ok


Google ‘Wheel Freedom’. They are a wheelchair rental company. They also sell refurbished wheelchairs. I bought two, one for upstairs, one for downstairs. Although second hand, they are like new. Good quality and light. £170 each. Different sizes. I bought the smallest, 16 inches across the seat. Will easily go through normal doorways. You could rent one and buy if you like it. If you rent one online they seem to send a larger 18 inch chair which is really too big for doorways, so best to order by 'phone.


Shall make a note about the wheelchairs John. l use a rollator around the house - and l also have one upstairs so l can get off the stair lift and use it. Mine are Topro Olympus - they have a large carrier section and a seat with a back support. So l can always sit down when l need to. The height of the seat is just right for me and the handlebars help me get up and down. l can cook and serve dinner using it - just put a tray over the seat. lt was recommended by Patrick at He is on this site. Before getting this rollator l was having to use the wheelchair quite a bit. Now l am safe to get around the house and garden. Easily folds up to put in car. So now l can get to the library and shops with it. Any narrow gaps - l just fold it down a bit to get through. lt can hold lots of shopping - and around the house - the phone - tv remote- books-tissues etc.

Pilates lessons - l had one to one for a while - have strengthened my core muscles- and brought me back from the ‘brink’ of being in a w/chair.

I would have suggested your wife have an assessment with wheelchair services, but if there is long waiting list, it might be wise to get on their list, but buy a cheap chair yourselves, whilst she is waiting.

With the amount of falls your wife is having, I would put her safety down as urgent.

Love pollx

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