Hi folks

I have an Invacare Spectra XTR2 RWD, courtesy of my local wc service. After 5yrs it gets replaced apparently?

I have managed to strip chunks off door frames with my travels!

Has anyone got a standing wheelchair? Or a privately owned one? What are the benefits?

Hello Anon.

My Invacare has destroyed many door frames. But it’s brilliant. I waited 2 years for it on NHS. It reclines and rises so most of my kitchen cupboards are accessible. I also have a folding electric chair I use for travel. I paid £2100 of my own money for that. But it’s been on planes. Sorting out wheelchairs properly has transformed my life. I don’t actually feel the need for a standing one.

Best wishes.

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My need for the wheelchair has become more frequent. Taking chunks from the door frames is part of the course. I have a motorised chair that lives in the car for outside and a manual Quickie Helium indoors. However I would love one like yours Steve, in order to reclaim my kitchen! I’d love to be able to reach the cupboards and shelves again. What model do you have Steve?

It’s an Invacare but I can’t read the model number when I’m sitting in it! A TDX 2 I think. It’s an NHS chair I waited I used a 2 years for. I can even get to the top shelf in the supermarket. There are cheaper ones which rise but this is quite comfortable. I had a cheap Travelux which did very well until I broke the back off. There are lots out there.

Best wishes.

Thanks Steve. I’ll start making enquiries.