Hi all, have posted a few times about my right shoulder which now seems to be 90%

ok . I now have what feels like someone sticking a pin in my head just infront of the top

part of my right ear. It isn’t a constant pain just a quick sharp stab at least 30 times on

Friday and Saturday and this morning up to now around 10 times. I am undiagnosed as

yet but am wondering if this could be an MS problem.

Thanks Sonia x

Quick, sharp, stabbing pains are very common in MS

My son describes it as me feeling like someone’s throwing darts at me. Pretty accurate!

Karen x

Thank you, and yes some of them do feel more like a dart x

ouch ouch…yes I get them too…esp last night in my big toe on left leg…then shooting up and down my leg into my groin and back down again. Karen.I like the darts comparision…and last night it was the bullseye several times over haha!! maybe keep a diary of how often and when they are happening and worth mentioning to your gp/neuro too.


Hi and thanks scoobie68 and Karen. I rang GP at 9.15 this morning as they started again 20 mins after i got up. He rang me at 12.30 and prescribed Amitripiline 25mg one to be taken straight away and one tonight. one or two a night thereafter.

I have felt sick and not quite with it since about 3 after taking one at 1.30, is this a usual feeling and will it wear off?

Thanks sonia x

Amitriptyline usually makes people pretty tired so taking it at bedtime is best. Most pills come with side effects that normally wear off after a few weeks so it’s a matter of grin and bear it until things get better. It sucks, but if you persevere, things should improve. If you are struggling with side effects with just the one pill, it’s usually best to wait a week or two before adding another, but you can always try and see!

I really hope it works for your pain.

Karen x

Hi everyone…I got these a while back…on same day I have sharp pin like feeling on the top of my foot…(so bad that I kept taking my slipper off) I thought that something was in the top of my slipper digging in my foot. I also had the same pin like feeling later on that evening but in my lower back on my left side…I again thought I had something on the inside of my jumper. I thought I was going mad! Glad there’s others that have it too…