sharp pin like, new symptom


does anybody get short sharp repetitive pain, like somebody stabbing you with a needle in differant patch’s of your body?

A lot of people with MS get ‘shooting pains’ - sudden sharp pain as if someone has thrown a dart at us / stuck us with a big needle. I don’t know about the repetitive bit, but I get a lot of random shooting pains. Neuropathic painkillers (eg amitriptyline, gabapentin, pregabalin) help to reduce them. Karen x

Hi, I get a particular pain in my arm quite regularly its a cross between someone sticking a needle in me and a Chinese burn !! It b— dy does throw us some weird symptoms. If I get this pain very bad I find putting some ice cubes on my arm helps. Good luck and take care. Karen x

I have this sometimes, but it is always in the same place. At first, I thought I had been stung, but when it carried on, I realised it must be another symptom…just feels like I have been stabbed with a needle, it’s driven me crazy!

Fizzy x