stabbing pains.

Does anyone else get stabbing pains in one place for a few hours at a time? Everytime i get these I usually feel worse afterwards.

Yes, Zipster, I get a lot of stabbing pains. Sat here last night and had them on the end of one thumb, in one specific spot in my neck and one specific spot on one leg (all on the same side of my body). They were horrible and kept making me jump and wince.

I hope yours calm down soon xx

I had a stabbing pain in my right big toe last night. Like someone was going at it with a big, fat needle! Like Purpledot, they make me jump. No matter how hard I squeeze or rub, it doesn’t make it go away!

PG xx

Yep, I feel like I’m being attacked by an invisible imp with a heavy duty needle! I only tend to get them briefly, generally in my big toes but I’ve had them in my face, legs and one in my finger the other day, which took me by surprise! They make me say ‘ow!’ but don’t last long.

Mines more like shooting pains, they don’t make me jump but i always feel worse the next day after having them. My heads awful today, cant think straight etc.

Hi Zipster, Where do you get the pains? Miss D

Last year i got them in my left side every few seconds for 24 hours and then 2 days later i had my worst relapse which took months to recover from. I got them in my right side last night which lasted about 4 hrs and i feel awful today.

Yep it makes me jump sometimes and tell my hubby some ghost must be sticking needles in me Axx

i get them, but the pain is now lasting longer and are in my hands, it feels like somebody is trying to break off my last two fingers upto my wrists, then followed by muscle spasms in my arms and side of my ribs. Palm outside of my hand twitching at the moment. They make me really tired.

I too wince when they are sharp and short pains, but I think this is becuase they can catch me unaware and make me jump.

Does anybody else feel like this please.

Catherine x

I am having stabbing pains in both of my legs and difficulty walking. I can’t control the pain and have been missing work. I haven’t had my MRI’s yet but after ruling out everything else and I already have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago, MS is where all of my symptoms point