It feels like some tiny, invisible elf is jamming a safety pin into my inner thigh. Right in the inside crease at the top of my leg. Ouch ouch ouch :frowning: This doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s a few times a day and is unspeakably painful when it happens. Is there anything that I can do to ease these stabbing pains? PG xx

Hi, i get very sharp stabbing pains too, mostly in left leg and foot. Sometimes electric “static” like shocks too.

I find Pregabalin helps to a certain extent, but not completely.

Bumping you up to see if anyone has any other ideas. Hope they pass soon xx

The sudden stabbing pains I get also. Very very annoying. If you discover anti-elf treatment do share! I can grit my teeth and know they end generally but there are times which require concentration where this is just NOT good! Best wishes

I describe mine as ‘a hot knitting needle being stabbed into my muscles’. It truly is painful, and thankfully only a few seconds long! I’ve been getting them last few weeks again and I was hoping I wouldn’t get them again.if you find that elf, give him a punch on the nose from me :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Glad to know I’m not alone - those elves must be busy!!

If I EVER get hold of him, I’ll make an example of him for all the others to see

The pain seems to be getting worse and a lot more frequent. I might make a visit to GP to see if she can prescribe something for it.

PG xx

I’ve just been given a short course of Naproxen as my back was having trouble. They have eased the muscle pain, but not quite dealt with the elf. Yes, I would be grateful if you could teach that elf a lesson :wink: x

Get them stabbing pains too told neurologist about them his answer was ‘really thats unusual’ put me on gabapentin not helping at all with any of my pain.