sharp pinching

Hi all, I’m currently experiencing very sharp pinching pains on my left elbow and left shoulder blade the scapula I think its called, I’ve had this on and off for 3 days now and its driving me mad , has anybody else experienced this in them areas? Also my left ankle feels numb but tingles like mad and the area is super ssensitive I have to sleep with my foot outside the quilt and footwear is a nightmare.

Neurological pain can strike anywhere :frowning:

The supersensitive thing is a nightmare - I had it once in both feet and had to wear shoes with a completely flat insole for three months as walking on anything with any texture (e.g. carpet, rough tiles) was agony. Just an idea, but have you tried a long silk or nylon sock - something with as little texture as possible. If you can put a barrier between your skin and the textured surface, it might take the edge off at least? Maybe even try wrapping it in clingfilm for bed??(!)

Have you see your GP? He/she could maybe prescribe something to help (e.g. amitriptyline).

Karen x

Hi rizzo, I’m currently taking pregabalin but I must admit they arnt that great but take the edge off pain I suppose, I’ve had a really bad day today, I was in my friends car when I ssuddenly got the most sharp stabbing burning pain in the top of my spine, it lasted for about 5 mins then wore off and left just mild spasms running up and down my spine, then about 2 hours later I was at home when my right arm felt strange, my hand then went cold and felt numb and I could not move my fingers, I tryed too but it was as if my brain wasn’t sending the signals to my hand to move my fingers , this has never happened before and I must admit it really frightened me, it wore off after half hour ,but my hand still feels weaker than the other . I’m pretty sure this had something to do with the sudden pain in my spine and I no I have a large spinal cord lesion in the same area, I just hope I feel better tomorrow. Tracy x

If pregabalin are only taking the edge off then you may need a higher dose or a different med. The maximum dose for pregabalin is 600mg a day - if you have wriggle room, then ask your GP about getting a larger dose. I found out the other day that all doses cost GPs the same, so he/she shouldn’t have any cost objection!

If it’s proper spasms that you are having, then something like baclofen might help. It’s a muscle relaxant.