Hello, Just wanting some advice. I’ve got up this morning and it feels like I’ve hit my funny bone on both arms and I have very strong pins and needles in right hand. I take pregabalin and that usually keep the discomfort to a stiff ness and tightness in my mands and arms. I know hot weather and hot water etc make it worse but there isn’t anything like that now that I can put it down to. Do I contact my dr who seems to be about 3 weeks to get an appointment? Do I just wait to see if it goes. I don’t think the drs would think its a new episode but it is definately a worsening of my symptoms. I had a b12 injection yesterday. Normally this is fine but I wonder if its a reaction? Any advice please, Many thanks Lynn

Lynn I would ring your GP,it could simply be a reaction as you say,but get some advice is the best thing to do.