Arms and elbows

Hello all,

I have a new symptom, ad wondered if anyone else shares the same:

My arms from the elbow lock, leaving me with extreme pain which lasts for about 10 - 20 seconds…this really dabilitates me. It feels like my bones/muscle (not sure which) is tightening up; every time it happens my arms and elbows don’t return to any kind of normality before this began.

Any advise would be great.

PS I am going to the GP this week, but he always asks me what ‘I’ think it could be??? Furthermore, I am due to see my Neuor next month, but they have ‘yet again’ appointed to me another neuro. I have never had consistency and am sick and tired of telling my story from the beginning and never able to build up a rapport.



Hi B

I have this, extreme pain , shooting , throbbing with dies down to a dull ache from my elbows to hands. i thought it was muscle spasms but it feels also like nerve pain. pinky finger in my right hand is now stiff and im not able to pull it into the rest of my fingers. i am waiting on an MRI but dont have a neuro appointment, my GP is waiting to see the result of MRI