Stabbing pain all over torso/arms

For the last few days I’ve been have intermittant stabbing “jolts” in both arms, across mt torso (both chest and abdomen). Not sure if this just neuropathic pain or something else…any thoughts?

I had them for 3 weeks along with the itch all over and some burning. It would seem to be part of ms sensory issues. Mine have now calmed down thank goodness. I hope yours do too, its not nice being stabbed by an imaginery knife is it.

When I first got them thought I had fleas in the house as I doggie sat for a while. Turned out no bites, just these darn pains.

TAke care,



Hi, I had those stabbing pains many years ago before I was dx and nobody knew what they were, eventually they died down. But now I get the shooting pains in my stomach, down my legs and sometimes my arms.

Hope they die down for you very quickly.



Hi, while in bed last night my arm wouldn’t keep still it was so annoying I have also had a very stong burning feeling in the same arm for a few weeks it feels like someone is doing a Chinese burn on me, if you remember doing that to each other when we were kids!! Just all part and parcel of this flippen ms. I too can experience really jolting pains anywhere on my body, they only last a short time but the bloody hurt . Hope you feel better soon. Karen x

I’ve experienced this, sometimes to the point where I feel I need to rip my skin off!! Like my bones are on fire! Strangely I found that a hot water bottle/wheat bag helped to ease it. Ophelia.xx