Hi guys when my gp asked me to describe the pain im getting i told her its like a deep dull ache in my left arm leg and groin but sometimes i get stabbing pains especially if i lift somthing heavy like the kettle or when i get up from sitting down.Her reply was that not possible its either one or the other.I can honestly say its both.Just wondered if anyone else has similer pain.

Hi sparky, tell her she doesn’t know what she is talking about. I to suffer from both and according to my pain management doc it is quite common. Some doctors still think Ms does not cause pain. She only has to google Ms and pain to see how many people suffer from both. Why not print off some info and hand it to her on your next vist, that will make her sit up and listen.


Ann x

Lol thanx ann maybe i will .im not good at talking to doctors as it is always forgetting things hate to think what im going to be like when i see neurologist in 2 weeks but will be discribing the pain like that because thats how i feel fed up of not being able to do the things i used to wishes ann x

Hello Sparky,

How are yer?

Write a list of symptoms / questions. That way you don’t forget anything. I did this, and although my doc took the piss (You’ve certainly had your money’s worth today…) I managed to get each point actioned…

And as Ann said, your docs reply was ole squit. I get slow pain mixed with stabbing pain all the time. Or my knee seizes up just long enough to look stupid afore it wears off and I return to ‘normal’, whatever that is.

Take care,


Thanx andy you guys are great its so reassuring having somone to talk a list i will do my daughter is coming with me too shes my backup if i start jibbering lol.Blesd her she does a lot for me my shopping even helps me with dresding on my bad days.Best wishes to you andy

Great idea to bring your daughter with you, it’s so hard to remember everything when you are sitting there. Best of luck for your appt.

ann x

My wife does that. She’s like my bs alarm… ‘How are you moods ?’ Oh, not too bad… she’ll kick in with ‘no, he’s a grumpy monster’ though she doesn’t say monster. … :wink: