Hi All I am having a bit of a down day today and things just seem to be getting on top of me at the mo. I have got chronic back pain for some reason and earlier on today I started getting a pain in my groin and also a pain traveling down my leg and ending up at my calf. Has anyone else experienced these sorts of things on a down day at all? x

Hi Hopefull, I’m not yet diagnosed but no stranger to back pain. {Gentle Hug} I get sudden pains, usually as though some invisible imp is stabbing my big toe with a leather needle. Ow. I also get random pains elsewhere, the latest being around my ribs making breathing difficult…but it doesn’t last very long so I’m sure it isn’t a strain. I also get stiff calf muscles. Yep, some days just seem to attract the aches, pains and weird sensations. Take things easy :heart:

I’m having the same thing as you right now from lower back to my knees so I’ve taken myself if to bed with my laptop so I can try and do some work and a nice cup of tea

Hello Hopefull. I find it interesting that you ask about pain. I’ve just recently been diagnosed (august). I also have Psoriatic arthritis and Ostoearthritis of left hip/knee. Thing is I’m always in pain and have been for years but now I have all the other weird symptoms of ms. I have multiple brain lesions and several lesions on my spine. When I saw my Rheumatologist recently I suggested to him that a lot of my pain, particularly my back could be to do with my ms. He said NO, you don’t get pain with ms. Now If you knew me you’d know that I’m always happy to debate with any gp/consultant if I think I’m right but on this occasion I didn’t feel confident enough. I think he’s wrong…from what I’m reading about ms, pain is a factor. I hope you start to feel better soon. Noreen