So much pain

Hi I posted on here a few days ago with similar symptoms. This evening I am in so much pain it’s unbearable. My lower back and legs are in agony. Also my bladder is hurting like hell. I’ve taken 2,gabapentin. 1 clonazepam and a couple of nurofen but nothing is shifting the pain. Is this type of pain experienced by people with ms? I’m at a loss what to do as my doctors haven’t a clue what is wrong with me and I know I can only take so much medication. Does this pain sound ms like? X

Hello Jojow

How are you at the moment…is the pain still bad?

If it’s unbearable, like you say, then ring 111 and speak to an on call doctor.

Have you had a urine/kidney infection before? sometimes this can cause similar symptoms to what your describing but really it could be anything. You should speak to a doctor and get things checked out if your still feeling bad.

Take care xx

Hi blossom hope you are well. I’m really not so good at the moment. I went to the emergancy doctor two weeks ago with all this, my urine was fine but was given antibiotics as a precaution. Since then I’ve been managing my pain but have had a couple if days like yesterday where it has become unbearable. As a nurse you may be able to advice me on this, several years ago I had pain on and off in the area just above my hip, they found a stress fracture at the time which they say is uncommon in someone of my age. I later had the hip xrayed again as it kept giving me pain but was told the fracture had gone. Was referred to rheumotology and they simply just gave me an anti inflammatory injection and I was given physio exercises to do. In your experience do you think this could be causing the pressure on my spine/ back and causing some of these problems I am now getting? I am at a loss after having a clear spinal in January x I am due to see a new neuro soon and am going to mention this problem to him x

Hello Jojow

If it was me…nothing to do with my nursing because I don’t practice anymore, I would be going back to my gp and discussing further investigation. It’s possible this is relating to the stress fracture you mention.

X-rays are not always detailed enough to pick up subtle fractures. MRI or bone scan is more accurate.

Given that a previous X-ray has already showed history of stress fracture then your request is reasonable and your gp would need a good reason to refuse.

Good luck

Noreen xx

Thanks very much. I will make an appointment Monday. Hoping also my new neuro will catch on to this and request an MRI of that area. I see him in just over a week, counting the days down now xx

Definitely mention it to Neuro. Just see gp too…best to cover both bases :slight_smile:

Will do, thanks for your help xx