Otic Neuritis


I have had OP before, but this time I am not sure if it is something else.

Does anyone get a silver flashing light in the outer corner of their eye?


Rosie xx

Hi Rosie, yes I do… silver and blue… & I’ve been tested many times for ON and not had it.

I also get a lot of movement in my periphery vision & always think there is a mouse or a bird… and sometimes bigger movement which is very scary as I think it’s a person (scary when you live on your own!)

Neuro and optician both say it is nerve damage from MS but not ON.

Hope that helps,

Pat x

Could be a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). It’s a very common thing and nothing to worry about, but you should see an ophthalmologist to be sure it’s nothing else because some things that cause peripheral symptoms need urgent treatment. Your GP can give you a referral so you can use a local ophthalmology walk-in centre.

Karen x