optic neuritis?

I’ve had ON in my right eye years before but just recently I’ve been getting the ON pain in my left eye …and last night I had flashing light when eyes were shut. This.morning my eye went blood shot… Is this a warning sign of ON? Thanks. Tommy

That sounds more like uveitis if its bllod shot, you need to get it checked out, hope your well otherwise xx

Hi, don’t mean to frighten you, but my optician told me if this was to happen go to A&E, take care, Jean x

tommy, as Jean suggests, flashing lights can mean the starts of ON in your other eye. I got them when I had ON and sometimes, but very rarely get them in my good eye but luckily mine goes after a short period of time.

If flashing persists, I would seek help via gp.



Hi could you please explain what ON is please. I get a pain in my left eye quite a lot, it is blurry to see out of and occassionally I get a patch over my eye, like what you get when you look at a light or camera flash. Just wondered if this is connected to MS.


Andrea xx

Hi Andrea, ON stands for Optic Neuritis. The optic nerve at the back of the eye becomes swollen and this can cause pain and visual disturbance. It is a good idea to get it checked out by an ophthalmologist if you are not sure. I have had ON twice. Both times it caused blurred vision, desaturation of colour (colours do not look as bright and vivid), and a lot of pain. I did not have steroid treatment and it cleared up by itself after a couple of months. Still get a few problems when tired though!

Boo 11 i’m having that problem at the moment and have been to opthamologist who can’t see any problems even though I still have probs with colour defenition. They are sending me for a scan for furtther investigation did you have this too? x

Thanks for your posts , I’ve put the flashing lights down to my previous optic neuritis and recent change in temperature from having heating on at night stirring the pain back up. Blood shot eye I think was down to the chemical cupboard at work and the fumes getting to me (someone has painted over the breathing holes on the cupboard trapping the fumes in!) . Thanks , Tommy