Other autoimmune problems

Hi all

I wonder if anyone else has additional autoimmune problems? I have psoriasis and diabetes (LADA) as well as MS.

Interestingly, since I started tecfidera the psoriasis appears to have gone completely, which may be just a coincidence but it is the first time since I was about 7 (almost 50 years) ago that I have been totally clear of it.

I wasn’t aware until researching MS after diagnosis that either were autoimmune diseases.

I am just a bit interested.

Karen x

I have a B12 deficiency. Not sure if this is a autoimmune problem

polly x

B12 deficiency plays a big part in MS - Have you seen and read ‘Could it be B12’ a epidemic of mis-diagnosis. Google it.

l take Natures Bounty sublingual liquid - which dissolves under the tongue and is absorbed into bloodstream. 5000mcg daily.

I have a B12 injection every 3 months

Pernicious anaemia is certainly classed as an auto-immune condition and it is the commonest cause of B12 deficiency. It does seem that people with MS (me included) have a greater-than-average tendency to be low in B12 even when they don’t have pernicious anaemia (which I don’t) so who knows what is going on there? I have injections every three months and perhaps you do too?



Karen, originally, Tecfidera (or Dimethyl Fumerate) was licensed as a treatment for psoriasis. That could be the reason why a beneficial side effect for you is lessening of your psoriasis. It possibly makes it the best DMD for you right now.

Personally I have been plagued by auto-immune diseases. I’ve had Graves Disease, aka over-active thyroid in my early 20s. That was cured by sub-total thyroidectomy, which has meant I’ve had an underactive thyroid for many years. Obviously I’ve got MS. I’ve also had two bouts of hepatitis, the first of which was unexplained, the second caused by Tysabri. The gastroenterologist I saw and my neurologist seem to agree that there could be an auto-immune aspect to the hepatitis. I’ve also now got the beginnings of arthritic in my hands even though I’m a bit young for arthritis, this could also have an auto-immune connection.

My family have a whole host of auto-immune conditions between us, Psoriasis, Coeliac disease, CFS amongst my immediate family,

Because of my history, I’ve read quite a bit about auto-immunity. It seems that for each auto-immune disorder, there needs to be a combination of genetic predisposition, a gender and/or age factor, some environmental aspect (which can include geography), possibly a viral connection. When you put the whole lot together, if they intersect at just the right (or the wrong) point, that’s when the auto-immune disease kicks in.

There also seem to be generally groups of auto-immune diseases that go together. This is why there are many MSers who’ve had or got over-active thyroid and/or rheumatoid arthritis. They seem to go together for some reason.


Wow I had no idea about the link between tecfidera and psoriasis!!

That’s great info, thank you.

It sounds like you’ve had a bit of a rough ride healthwise x


I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid after my son was born, but only after I was mis diagnosed & treated incorrectly for post natal depression! After months of not feeling any better she eventually took blood tests and when I went to see her her exact words were ‘i’m pleased to tell you there is actually something wrong with you’ !!! That was in 1996 and in 2000 I had my 1st symptoms (facial numbness and was referred to a neuro, but I dio as my face returned to normallmsdidntnormallhad 4 young children at the time. 5 years later I was diagnosed after 2 relapses 12 weeks aparr and 2 mris showing progression on the second one. I have also read about the chances of having other autoimmune diseases is fairly common.

Hi, I also had Graves disease ( over active thyroid ). It seems some auto- immune diseases’s commonly come together even if years apart.

Graves Disease here as well but other family members have had thyroid problems who haven’t had MS. Just me!

Nobody in my family has an autoimmune disease. I’m lucky, I have two!!! But at least I get free perscriprions for lufe :slight_smile:

Or even life! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Karen

I have Asthma, Eczema and Hayfever, Uveitis and an MS like demyelinating disease.


I only have MS but both my brothers have coeliac disease


It’s been one thing after another for me, I have Wegener’s Granulomatosis (vasculitis), uveitis, and MS all diagnosed within the last 5 years. I currently have 3 consultants, all from different hospitals, who try to work together (very difficult) I have had rituximab infusions to try and treat all of these conditions.

Izzie x

Hi Theresa

I note you said you have uveitus, (sorry) I was just wondering if you could tell me what part of your eye/s is affected and if this is related to your MS. I’ve yet to come across anyone with this condition. Hope you don’t mind me asking.

Izzie x

Graves’ disease from over active thyroid gland here too. Had eyelid retraction surgery after 5 plus years of having grass hopper eyes. Like ms isn’t a piss take enough as it is!

Hi Izzie

The inside of the eyeball is inflamed which has caused the vitreol (jelly like stuff inside the eye) to pull away; my first symptoms in my right eye were an increase in ‘clear - oily’ floater action, a few new darker floaters and a thin flash of light when my eyes looked to the left (at first I thought that was light reflecting off my glasses - but I get the ‘flash’ when I’m not wearing glasses and even when my eyes are closed). I’ve been prescribed steroid eye drops with directions not to lift any heavy objects and I have a follow up with the Eye Hospital at the end of this month to review progress etc.

Around 10 years ago I had an episode of uveitis that caused the vitreol to pull away from the centre of the retina in my left eye which caused me to temporarily lose vision in a small spot in the centre of my left eye vision (looked like I had a tiny blob of vaseline on my glasses - must have cleaned them a dozen times before it dawned on me that the problem was my eye and not something on the lens), with some serious floater action; steroids and no heavy lifting and within a month vision was back to normal.

In both instances I hadn’t had any pain, headaches or other symptoms prior to a sudden increase in floaters/flashes/loss of vision.

Trying to find out what triggers it is like looking for a needle in a haystack - suffice to say that I must have come into contact with a virus of some sort (easy enough in the office I work in) which set my immune system off.

The floaters aren’t so bad - my brain will eventually start ignoring them but for now, I have my very own ‘clear(ish)’ lava lamp!

Is it related to MS - possibly/probably - the Visually evoked potential test I had in 2013/14 showed probable damage to the optic nerve to the left eye which may be a hold over from the uveitis episode. It’s a bit of a chicken/egg thing - does MS lead to Uveitis or does Uveitis lead to MS?

Hi Theresa

Sorry for long delay in replying. I did start to reply but lost my text, as I could not focus at all. Sounds like you have had a lot of problems too. I am feeling quite frustrated with the whole thing. Yeah it’s got to do with the immune system maybe the MS who knows and the specialists really don’t know what works medication wise. I have been on several medications over the past few years. I hope you are well and thNks for taking the time to reply .

Take care

Izzie xx

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I have vitiligo (called leucoderma in the USA) - fortunately I’m not affected very much. All one side of my family had it, also they all had thyroid problems, which I don’t have. I’m the only one with MS.