Link between psoriasis and ms

Does anyone know of a link between psoriasis and MS. Have been long term sufferer of psoriasis and was recently diagnosed with ms. Reading up recently I have noticed the 2 conditions are auto immune diseases and could be linked. Hev noticed my ms symptoms seem to be a lot worse when my psoriasis is aggressive. Since diagnosis am still awaiting to hear what DMT I am been put on by my neurologist. Sadly they will never reverse my ms but curious to hear if it could be related to psoriasis.

Many thx in advance.

April 2015- l joined the facebook group that formed after the MedDay trials for Biotin. lt is called Biotin for Progressive MS. Biotin is a B Vitamin - and very cheap to buy in powder form - pharma grade 100%. l think it cost me about £120 for a years supply. Surprisingly, folk who had suffered with psoriasis- and l am one of them- all their lives - found it cleared up - miraculous. Most pwms also take a high dose Vitamin D3 - because it is shown that a vitd3 deficiency is connected to all auto-immune diseases - and psoriasis is one of them.

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Yes, there is a link between auto immune diseases. Some have a greater affinity than others, but not only is it slightly more likely that a person with psoriasis would have a second AI disease, it’s also more likely that others in the family could also have a higher incidence of AI disease.

For example, in my immediate family there’s MS and Graves Disease (aka overactive thyroid), psoriasis, RA and coeliac disease. I have had both Graves Disease and MS and have also been told that the hepatitis caused by drug reactions I have experienced, could have an AI element.

You may be interested to know that Tecfidera (a first line DMD) was originally licensed as an oral treatment for psoriasis under the trade name Fumiderm. It may be that it would be an excellent DMD for you as it could potentially help with your psoriasis as well as reducing MS relapses. Maybe ask your neurologist?


I am a long term sufferer of Poriasis and when I go on steroids it clears up completely.

Unfortunately it comes back a few months after.


lt is thought- by many - that MS could be caused by a fungal ‘invasion’ for want of a better word! And Biotin is anti-fungal - and so is Tecfidera. Tecfidera is used as a industrial anti-fungal treatment - especially for leather goods.

The plot thickens!!


i was also going to say that tecfidera was originally for treating psoriasis.

not happy to know that it is an industrial treatment for leather goods!

ah well, better than injecting!

carole x

I think if you have one auto immune condition you are more likely to have another. I seem to be developing Vitiligo. I had an aunt with Vitiligo so double whammy I’m afraid.

Jan x

I was diagnosed with MS years ago … I thought I was having a stroke . The left side of my body

was weak and I could barley move my arm and leg. I booked myself into the local hospital and after

cat scans and much poking it was determined that l had developed MS

I was immediately put on intravenously administered round of steroids 5 days and 20 days of pills.

After 6 weeks or so I was walking without a cane.

However the big bonus occurred when I found my plaque psoriasis on my hand and forearm had

disappeared as well!

so … both are autoimmune ailments and sometimes both can be treated if caught early enough