Morning guys, drug help,

Help please, I seem to remember reading on EL about a drug, one that was for MS and helped with psoriasis. Or it was for psoriasis, yet helped with MS ? I’m asking because my son has psoriasis, he’s spending lots of tine on sun beds and sun showers… Which is a real worry. Anyone remember the drug name, or the thread. ? I’m hoping it’s not my brain going funny again. Tilly x

Tecfidera (BG-12) is the one. I believe the psoriasis drug has a different name (fumaderm) but tecfidera is based on it the same ingredient, dimethyl fumarate. Hope this helps. Katy

It sure does, Katy. Thank you so much x

You’re welcome! The drug for psoriasis has been in use in Germany for 20 yrs so that’s why even though Tecfidera is a new drug for MS, its main ingredient has been around for a while. I hope it can help your son. Katy

Going to mention it to him. It’s such a shame, he’s a handsome 31 year old, looks after himself, always looks smart. But he’s is so self conscious about his skin… ( even with his wife). It’s a horrible skin complaint for anyone to have, but when it’s one of your children you feel for them even more. Wish I could take it off him and keep it . Tilly x

Both my mother and l suffer with psoriasis. l have found taking a high dose vitamin d3 has helped mine. Psoriasis is another auto-immune disease - like MS. And is linked with vitamin d3 deficiency. Which is why the sunrays help. Shall make a note of the drug. Dimethyl - Fumerate. Thanks for this.

My son has severe psoriasis too. He had a major flare up when he was taking A levels which coincided with the death of my mum. He had the maximum UV ray treatment at the hospital and now injects methatrexate once a week to keep it in check. However this makes him very sick for up to 3 days afterwards so he is thinking of switching meds.

It is horrible to see him suffer. He’s had it since he was just a few months old and it was initially misdiagnosed as eczema. Perhaps when they find a cure for one auto immune disease, it will open the flood gates for all other cures. I can dream …

Tracey x

Just googled dimethyl fumerate - apart from helping with psoriasis and ms - it also helps with bladder control. And it is in capsule form.

I had this horrendous skin condition for years… (40) it left me 5-8 years ago. Well when I say left me… I have 2 or 3 patches the size of a 10 pence piece which don’t bother me . All I do is rub bio oil in and that keeps the horrid looking dry skin moist. When I was a child I was covered in it, so I understand what others are going through. My son is the same… (Totally covered.) He has 3 young children so I’m worried sick they will end up with it. Oh boy I always get things I have trouble spelling. Ms Proriasis. Tonsilitis. Endometriosis. De quervain’s Carpel tunnel. Bronchitis. Pneumonia. Others too At least predictive text helps me out lol Thanks guys x

Tilly - it is awful. You’re being greedy lol, you have far more than your fair share of health conditions and yes, all the ones with tricky spelling :wink:

At least psoriasis is now treated is an auto immune disorder rather than just dry skin. It took almost six months to get my son referred to the hospital when he was suffering sleepless nights with his skin yet a neighbour had her first patches of dry skin on her arms and was referred instantly. Not just a postcode lottery but a lottery regarding which doctor sees you at the surgery, grrrr! And breathe …

I bought a book when Jamie was young to see what we could do at home to help. I threw it in the bin when I came to a part that said that it looked unpleasant but wasn’t painful or itchy! Try telling that to a child who is clawing his own skin off …

I suppose it is like MS - the only ones who really understand are the ones who have it. I do my best to empathise with him and I hate to see him suffer but I only have some mild dry skin patches and have had some nasty allergic reactions but that doesn’t compare in any way to having head to toe psoriasis. A colleague saw a large patch on his elbow and said ‘That must be nasty’. Jamie’s reply was ‘This is nothing. Nasty is when you can peel your entire shin off in one go!!’

Tracey x