Tecfidera after Campath

Hello folks

My MS is unfortunately quite symptomatic with fatigue, optical neuritis, leg pains, balance issues, urinary, bowel, swallowing, dizziness etc…

My MS treatment history is as follows:

Started on Rebif (Did nothing for me), then was a part of the Campath - Alemtuzumab trial and had this infused over 2 years, next was daily Copaxone injections and finally Tecfidera.

Hoping this is the one for me…

I have a question please: Does anyone else here have any experience of the Campath trial and subsequently ended up on Tecfidera? I would be very interested to know if you experienced any difficulties getting your Neuro to prescribe the treatment. I know mine was initially apprehensive due to not knowing the effects of it after being on Campath…

But my attitude is to throw everything and the kitchen sink at this damn disease in the hope of slowing it down and keeping myself able bodied for longer…

Tecfidera - ls prescribed for people suffering with psoriasis. And interestingly - people who are taking B7 Biotin - who had chronic psoriasis all their lives - have found their psoriasis has cleared up. Biotin is also used for ON and all the other MS symptoms - especially blood circulation and leg pains and bowel and bladder issues.

facebook group for Biotin for Progressive MS. [ over 2,000 members in 7weeks - worldwide.]

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Aha! I never knew Tecfidera was also used for treating psoriasis too. I was wondering why mine seemed to be a tad better these last few days, now I know. This is great news, two birds with one stone :slight_smile:

Been on Tecfidera for 10 days now and only have the flushing side effect that pops up almost daily for a few hours before subsiding. Really pleased about the effect on my psoriasis.

Thank you kindly for your response and input spacejacket, much appreciated :slight_smile: