Multiple sclerosis & arthritis

Hi does anyone here suffer from inflammatory arthritis and MS? If so what medication are you on? I am waiting to hear what neurology and rheumatology think will be the best. Been struggling for years with Psoriasis arthritis and now with an MS diagnosis I don’t know what’s happening next. Thank you


Auto-immune diseases are a large group - which includes MS/Parkinsons/Psoriasis/Osteo Arthritis/ High Blood Pressure/ Crohns /Coeliac/Fybromyaligia/ and certain cancers. Plus many more that l cannot remember right now. They are nearly all connected to a deficiency of vitamin d3. Which you would know as you have psoriatic arthritis. l too have psoriasis and arthritis- and l take a high dose of vitd3 - but cannot get my levels up to the optimum level - which is probably to do with my body not absorbing it.

l also use the softgels capsules of vitd3 and snip the end and apply it to patches of psoriasis. lt works better then most potions and lotions the GP’s prescribe. Although l see that the newer ones do contain vitd3.

l have had PPMS for 32yrs. And it has been a battle to keep mobile and as fit as possible. But now my arthritis is more disabling then my MS. l have had a replacement hip and knee - both on what was my good leg - not the one effected by MS. The knee op is not successful - in fact it has gone wrong. Next week l am going back to see the surgeon as it looks as if l shall have to have it re-done. Seems strange after all these years that l am suffering more from arthritis then the MS.

The only meds l take apart from paracetamol/codeine/ibuprofen for pain - is Vitd3/Vitb12/ omega 3/magnesium/ LDN/and Sativex.

l have never taken dmd’s

Hello Joanne

I was diagnosed with skin psoriasis in the early nineties, then psoriatic arthritis in 2006/7.

I was taking Methotrexate, which is a Disease Modifying Antirheumatic Medication. At the moment I am taking a break from it, under the guidance of my Rheumatologist.

I also have osteoarthritis of left hip/knee and take arcoxia for that, which is very good.

I am led to believe, that Methotrexate was, at one time a treatment for MS.

Take care xx

Hi Joanne

My hubby has suffered from Psoriatic Arthritis since he was 15. He takes Tramadol, Indomethacin and Lefludomide. Sometimes he is in absolute agony. Are you on anything for yours?

Shazzie x

Thank you very much. You have no idea how good to hear I am not alone. neurology rheumatology and my GP are fascinated. I had 2 attacks over the past 7 years but no mri’s were taken, (main problem being the arthritis had confused the issue) both times I was struggling enough for me to be admitted to hospital. It was only when I had a 3rd one this year they took notice because I was on Biologics and I have since found that I should not have been on them. Anyway it bought it to their notice and the MRI confirmed MS.

Regarding medication I am only on meds for arthritis which I was diagnosed 14 years ago and thyroid. Meds along with the usual folic acid etc is Methotrexate, dihydrocodine and gabapentin, I was put on Humeri for 6 weeks before they realised I should not have been on it. I have no joint replacements I think is thanks to a rheumatologist in Germany who put me in salfazalazine as soon as I was diagnosed. Since coming back to UK 10 years ago I have been struggling. Had house adaptions done, reduced hours at work and can see not far in the future giving it up. Which is the question I have to you all. Can you work and have arthritis and MS. During MS attacks as well as bad arthritis days, I struggle to function at every level because the symptoms contradict each other. Is that the same for you too?

Autoimmune conditions I have are Raynards, under active thyroid, PsA, iritis , I have at the moment 6 nerve palsy, which I know is not autoimmune but it was the last MS symptom and I generally get eye conditions during arthritis and now it looks like for MS flare ups too. never heard of using Vitamin B3…I will look into that one. I only have small areas of psoriasis so don’t use anything other than cream so Vit B3 may be the replacement! They gave the PsA diagnosis because my father and both my sisters have psoriasis. One sister also has Vit B 12 and the other has diabetes. neurology says I am heaving with autoimmune, which I agree with…you have got to laugh

Hi Joanne

I have had Osteoarthritis for 20 years in my left hip and both knees and taking Dicloflex and Oramorph with Zomorph capsules.

I have had MS since August 2013 and have found my OA has got much worse since then.I am now on Tizanadine and Sertraline so hoping it will improve.


Many thanks. Delay In my diagnosis I think is due to the inflammatory arthritis being blamed for MS symptoms. I agree with you Graham, my arthritis is worse when MS flares to and vice versa. You can’t win. I am off the Biologics for the arthritis. I have a rheumy appointment next week but as I am just seeing Rheumy nurse it means they obviously have not found anything that helps both yet. Apparently there’s something you can take when you have psoriasis and MS so they were looking to see if it works for psoriasis arthritis too.

Thanks again


Hi all,

I have vitiligo, underactive thyroid, arthritis in my shoulder and rrms, all auto immune I think? On the plus side, I very rarely get ill with coughs, colds etc

best wishes,

sue x

As far as I know the only treatments suitable for both psioratic arthritis and Ms are methotrexate and azathioprine though they are both regarded as fairly old fashioned treatments for MS I think…there seem to far more modern drugs around. I can’t imagine how you feel but you have my sympathy I get excruciating joint pain. I would push for a joint consultation with a Rheumy and neuro together or one on the phone whilst you’re in consultation with the other. To be fair it must be pretty rare and very unlucky to have both…I would insist on a treatment plan soon xxxx all the best

Thank you for your help. I am on Methotrexate only now (other than painkillers and epilepsy drugs) Neuro has sent letter to Rheumy explaining their findings. I am seeing rheumy on the 6th hopefully I will get the chance to try something else other than Biologics. Steroids help the arthritis as well as the MS, so far, apart from the spasms etc but they are waiting for arthritis meds to be sorted before looking at anything else. Saying that I am on quite a cocktail of drugs as it is! It’s the dilemma of should I take more or just take the steroids!

Thanks again J