HI All,

I saw my Rheumatologist yesterday who is starting me on Azathioprine as soon as I get the prescription. I am also being incresed to 60mg of my steroids at the same time!! The steroid will be decreased over time, they are just hoping that this combo will get me walking properly again.

Just wondered if anyone else is on this medication and what you think?? I have a pamphlet but some feedback from you nice people would be great.



As far as I know, this drug was often used for RRMS before DMDs were invented. I’m not sure that many people with MS are on it these days - not in this country anyway. But who knows - maybe it will help with your MS (I am assuming that you have MS?) as well as whatever the rheumatologist is prescribing it for.


HI Alison,

Thanks for the reply. As yet they are not sure if I have MS or Sjogrens Syndrome with CNS involved, I have been tested for both and the results back for both are border line so they cant decide either way. They have decided to start me on these with a high dose of Steroids because my legs have become a real issue. They have been getting progressively number and after a flare up they are left worse. This treatment is to hopefully stop/reduce the flare ups or at least decrease the affect they are having.

Have just had Dr on the phone, before I start the tablets I have to have a vaccination so have to book appointment with the nurse. Oh the joy`s

Thanks again