Hi, sorry to join in without a diagnosis. I’ve got RA and lupus but have been wondering about ms for years. I’ve got patches that are semi numb all over. I have severe burning/itching arms and legs if the shower is more than Luke warm. Have blurred and double vision. I had one flare where I couldn’t move my arms without electric shocks and woke one night with zero feeling in my hand. Extreme fatigue etc etc. Has anyone got other autoimmune illnesses along with ms? Thanks for any comments

I have have three autoimmune diseases, underactive thyroid, ceoliac and endometriosis, I had to have a hysterectomy and my ovaries taken because they were too far gone.

If you have one autoimmune disease you can get another, I’m greedy I have three.


Type 1 diabetes, Addison’s, under active thyroid, Coeliac and OA which isn’t autoimmune besides that I am fit and healthy :slight_smile:

I didnt know endometriosis was autoimmune. Ok, got that one as well. I read somewhere that it was very unusual to have ms and another autoimmune. Clearly that’s not the case.

I think I read somewhere that an autoimmune disease is where the body attacks the body and that’s what it does with endometriosis I maybe wrong though. Kay

I’ve had overactive thyroid (Graves Disease) which is autoimmune, now underactive as a result of surgery. Plus MS, eczema and a liver reaction which has been reckoned to probably be autoimmune. So I’m up to 3 or maybe 4.

Many autoimmune disorders come in groups, so there’s a strong relationship between AI thyroid diseases (under active is usually Hashimotos and overactive being Graves), as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS. Lots of us with MS have thyroid disease, and/or RA.

I didn’t think that endometriosis was AI either. But there are so many AI disorders that it’s likely. Or I’ve read that endometriosis, while not being AI in itself, can turn a switch in someone’s immune system and make AI diseases possible.

Autoimmunity runs rampant through my family. With psoriasis and eczema affecting almost all of my siblings as well as mother and her wider family. There’ve been 3 cases of Graves’ disease, one of my brothers has Coeliac Disease and my mother has a range of arthritis conditions, RA, Osteo and Psoriatic Arthritis. I’m the only lucky one with MS. I feel quite special.

Bloody genetics do play quite a large part in autoimmune diseases, but obviously not all. There’s environment, geography, gender, exposure to viruses, and a host of other, often unknown factors.

We wait in vain for cures not only for MS, but for the whole panoply of autoimmune diseases.


Ai is a big thing in mine as well. My mother had celiac and my father and his twin had ra. Their sister had aps. My great grandmother had ms but that might be a bit far back to link in.

So you’ve got AI in your genes from both parents. I think it’s only from my mothers side with me, but my brothers and I are riddled with AI problems.

I think people with Multiple AI Disorders (once you have 3 it’s possible to be labelled as MAD!!) should be seen by an autoimmune specialist, but they’re pretty thin on the ground. I’ve certainly never seen one, but I’m sure they exist.


I believe some years back endo was classed as auto immune but they are not sure now, but it can be linked to other diseases that are.