My Third Auto Immune Disease!

I’ve had MS for 28 years then 3 years ago I got Alopecia Areata now I have a suspected diagnosis of Temporal Arteritis/GCA.

This is all very worrying and I wondered if anyone else has multiple immune system disorders?

Each dx coincides with very stressful times for me, outwardly I handle stress well, it has been said I thrive on it but I think internally is quite a different matter, Mum said some people explode but I seem to implode.

I need to look at what I can do to protect from adding to my medical record! I already have a healthy diet and take various supplements, not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for reading.


Hi Sue,

It’s a known fact that, statistically, people with one autoimmune disease are at higher risk of another, so please don’t beat yourself up thinking it’s anything you did. You were probably just unlucky when the genes got handed out - nothing any of us can do about that. I do not believe EVERY disease is preventable with lifestyle changes, although there seems to be a huge fashion at the moment, for thinking that - perhaps out of a misguided belief that if you can reduce the risk of heart disease or diabetes, the same must be true of everything. But in that case, sporty vegetarians would never get sick, and we know that isn’t the case.

Some risks are in your genes. Others might be environmental, but things you have little or no control over, such as what you’re breathing in, NOT what you eat.

Although most of us can take steps to lead healthier lives, I do not believe we can plan never to get another disease, as too many things are outside our control, and could be described as luck, or fate, or whatever you choose to call it.

I think we have to accept that sometimes, sh*t happens - and sometimes it happens more than once. It isn’t always something we could have dodged if we’d tried harder. So if you already have a healthy diet, I don’t think it’s very likely you are doing anything “wrong” that’s causing all the diseases.

One something does strike me, though: I think temporal arteritis/GCA were differential diagnoses that came up for me when I was being investigated for MS, as I gather the presentation can be very similar. I suppose the MS Dx is not in question, and it could have been one of these other things all the time?




Hi Sue, Yes, I too have vitiligo and last year dx with an underactive thyroid - both, along with the rrms auto immune. Best wishes, Sue x

Thanks both,

I don’t think the MS is in question, at diagnosis I had around 20 lesions showing on MRI scan, the neurologist decided it was not worth doing the lumbar puncture as the MRI was conclusive.

I guess we soldier on.


I agree with Tina that filtered word happens, and that there is usually not one darned thing we can do about it one way or the other.

There isn’t any way of opting out of stress in life, and I think that attempts to eliminate stress will inevitably create stresses of their own when they fail, as fail they must. None of this is your fault. Please remember that none of the rotten luck that has come your way is down to any sin of omission or commission on your part. If there is anyone in your circle who is suggesting otherwise, however subtly, please bite them!


Hi Sue,

Don’t get too wrried about this because I have uveitis which is an autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, vasculitis and every other thing the docs could through at me but they are just trying to rule out other problems to target your problem.

There are over 100 autoimmune diseases in which some mimic others so it takes a long time to get a final diagnosis.

The way I worked was not how many they found but by eliminating each one ,that makes it easier pal trust me.

If you require any more help just pm me.

Robert x.

Hi there, I also have 3 auto immune disorders, MS, Ulcerative colitis and Lupus. love Bex xxx

Hi Sue I currently have leukeamia, under active thyroid and more than likely get my MS dx in 2 weeks. So your not on your own think it’s just bad genes lol. Wonder what’s next Hope your well Ni x

I had Alopecia as a child for a couple of years after my father was killed in a road accident.

I now have ms.