OPtic neuritis pain

Hi all,

Am relapsing at the moment with the lovely optic neuritis. Can’t get IV steroids as I’ve had two doses since December.

It’s not too bad, just in one eye. Increased my screen size in work and am just getting on with it.

My question is this…the last day or two I’ve been getting a pain above my eyebrow. I know it’s the ON as I had the same pain last time I had ON (same eye too). Is it worth taking pain killers like paracetemol? Any point?

I don’t have any other neuro pain so I don’t have neurological pain killers either. I’m not really one for taking meds but when I’m in work the pain is bothersome but not really bad enough to send me to the GP.

Is there any point in taking some Nurofen or something? Or will it not have any effect?


Personally I would suggest taking paracetamol and seeing if it has any effect - if it does great, if not no harm done. I get pain at around the top of one eye when I spend too long on the computer and paracetamol does seem to help - I think it’s because my eyesight in that eye isn’t great so the muscles around the eye are having to work extra hard to compensate. (but should say that I’m on pregabalin anyway so adding the paracetamol when I’ve got eye pain may just be a placebo effect…)

True enough. Suppose I was wondering if paracetemol or ibuprofen would have more/less effect as I don’t have any to hand so would have to purchase some.

Might try paracetemol first and see if it has any effect.


Sorry that you are suffering. I have ON too. As you probably already know ON is inflammation of the optic nerve and Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory so usually helps me when mine plays up as it wors on the inflammation.

Also, a cold ice pack over the eye helps too.

Hope this helps.

Take care and I hope the pain eases soon.


I may be way off the mark but have you considered trigeminal neuralgia? Dr Google is much better than me at explaining it, but basically the trigeminal nerve comes from the brain stem and splits into three. One goes to the lower jaw area, one to the middle of the face and one that goes to the forehead. The reason i mention it is you said your eyebrow hurt and apparently that is one of the trigger areas. It was the reason why i was sent to the neuro as my eyebrow above my left eye hurts. Another stat i read, said 1-2% of ms sufferers get trigeminal neuralgia. If i find the web page i was looking at, i will post it. All the best Angela

Hi again.

This website explaines the trigger points much better than I can,

But this one explains better what TN is.

Hope this helps.

No it’s definitely optic neuritis as my vision started deteriorating initially and got progressively worse, then the pain started but only when move my eye up/down/left/right. But thanks for that, it’s good to know these things.

Sorry, i meant TN as well as the ON. I have both. My TN hurts when i touch it or when i move my eyebrow about. Was just a thought. Lol. Hope your eye feels better soon. X