Trigeminal neuralgia or optic neuritis

My pseudoflare up due to period no longer seems pseudo as i’ve had pain in my face n my eye has been killing me even though ive finished. Im light sensitive and have a sensation of sheen or a layer over my vision intermittently. Is this just bad TN or could it be ON.
i’ve had trigeminal symptoms b4 but my eyes never felt like this.

Thanks guys

Think your having a relapse, I would get in touch with your gp first thing Monday morning, I had a course of steroids nwhich cleared this up but you really need to see your doc! It’s rubbish isn’t it!

i have ON at the moment...infact im 12 days in and my neuro wont give me steroids!! he said its a waiting game grrrrrrrrrr

heya…would def get o see and eye dic ASAP over the weekend if poss…local a ad e woke see you for sure try can dilate pupils and have a good look at back of eyes…and I think with your current symptoms would be wise sooner than later

Thank you so much guys. Will go ask the ophthalmologists at my work to take look monday. But if i feel its getting worse tomoz will go to eye cas. I.m so greatful for this forum - its nice to have the reassurance that youre not over reacting.


Ps. Has anyone noticed worsening of these symptoms at night?

hey do you mean in the eve or vision at night time? mine has def been worse by eve and also after I have done exercise… even just yoga etc…lol I think by end if day both of my eyes are tired fir diff reasons so hope this helps