Trigeminal neuralgia or optic neuritis

My pseudoflare up due to period no longer seems pseudo as i’ve had pain in my face n my eye has been killing me even though ive finished. Im light sensitive and have a sensation of sheen or a layer over my vision intermittently. Is this just bad TN or could it be ON.
i’ve had trigeminal symptoms b4 but my eyes never felt like this.

Thanks guys

Always a good idea to see an ophthalmologist if vision is affected. It would be pretty bad luck to get both TN and ON at the same time, but I guess it can happen.

Karen x

Hi Karen

thanks for the advice. It's felt a little better yesterday evening and today but I think I will still get one of the ophthalmologists in the hospital I work in to take a quick look if they wouldn't mind for my reassurance.

Just thought it could be sinus or my tooth which I had filled about 2 weeks ago - then again saying that I've had sinus pain and this isn't like this and my tooth and gum actually feel fine where the work was done.

Gotta be good if it's getting better right?