Can TN cause eye pain?

Hello all,

I have had a very stressful weekend! Water leaks, dodgy trades men and an increase in symptoms to name a few!

My hand tremor has got a lot worse, finding every day tasks really hard, including typing this so forgive me if there are spelling errors!

Had several wobbles and falls. Numbness, balance all worse. And can’t pee!

My main concern though is the pain in my left eye, pressure pain then every so often a really sharp stab, now the. Left side of my face achy almost like a niggly tooth ache.

I feel so grumpy! I am unable to deal with things…usual every day stuff without getting my knickers in a twist! I am normally a coper just can not concentrate or handle things.

Does the face and eye ache sound like TN or something else?

Anyone else find they struggle with situations that they would normally cope with?

Hi Pollyp

I have Optic Neuritis and your description of your eye pain sounds like how it started with me.  Mine lasted about a week and then I woke up with reduced sight in my right eye. I went to see an optician as I thought I must have an eye infection or something like that and he sent me straight to the hospital where I was seen by an Optholmologist who (eventually) diagnosed ON. 6 weeks later my left eye had reduced vision too and I have now had this for over 14 weeks. Please go see your GP/Optician/A&E and see what they say.

Take care 

Paula xx

Hi PollyP

I had an episode of facial and eye pain over one month ago.

Quiet rightly I was worried about optic neuritis but I got my eyes checked (colour normal, visual fields normal, back of the eye normal). I would certainly get your eyes checked to be sure.

I thought mine was TN (though my neuro didn't commit or comment when I went to see him about it - I'm going for a second opinion as he's terrible).

Min started with stabbing sensations in my L eye (got about 20 in the space of a few hours). Then just a dull pain with intermittent stabs over the next few days. The pain spread over my cheek and the top of my jaw and I had a little bit in my head as well. The eye pain worswened to a boring type pain (excrutiating) and I felt slightly light and wind sensative. (not my teeth as I saw dentist).

One week after this my tongue also had pins and needles and numbness and the temperature sense went whack on the L, then I got L jaw spasms.

Thankfully this has all resolved now (touch wood) but it was horrible. If I were you I'd go and get your eyes checked, tell your neuro secretary, get your teeth checked in case you haven't seen a dentist in while too.

That way all areas are covered.

Last thing - you can also get eye pain with occipital neurlagia - with this you get pain in your neck and stabbing pains in your eye but the rest of the face is fine.

Let me know how you get on PollyP. Hope you feel better soon. It really made me very grumpy and I was struggling at work and by the time I get home I was in agony and din't want to do anything.



Thank you Paula,

I am trying to get an appointment at GPs. I have lost field vision and depth perception, so bit worried that I will have further damage.

I hope you feel better soon, have you been offered steroids?