Stabbing eye pain and still the tingly head :-( HELP please

Please can someone help me with regards this eye stabbing pain? Mainly in the left 90% of the time but occasionally on the right

It only happens about 10-15 times a day'ish and thats all it was but now my eye is starting to ache. I'm sick of ringing the docs and the optician said i need a referal to him for another eye exam as I have had my routine yearly one already. I haven't lost vision.

I've still got the fuzzy head/pins and needles in waves over my head but now I have tingling in my upper lip and tongue but periodically.

Could they be connected?

Could it be ON?

Or am I just starting to invent things????? 


Going slightly mad........again,

Mandymoo xx

I've been thinking....dangerous habbit.......

although it happens 10-15 times a day its only about 3-4 times a day that it is exceptionally severe.

Does this make sense? 

Mandymoo xx

Hi Mandymoo

I had the stabbing pain behind my eyes for about a week before I got ON. So I would suggest you go to an eye hospital or your GP, as maybe with meds such as steroids it wont progress to ON? Just a thought anyway :D

Paula x

Hi Mandymoo

Another thing to bare in mind is trigeminal neurlagia or occipital neuralgia.

I had stabbing pains in my eye when I had a new episode in may. It was excrutiating and then went to a dullache in the eye and pain in my face. Mine I think was TN.

Optic neuritis causes - reduced colour vision, abnormal pupils, visual fields defect.

If I were you I'd get referred to see an ophthalmologist soon or go to an eye cas. I'd also mention it to your neuro incase it isn't ON but the other things I've mentioned.

Hope you feel better soon Mandy. It was horrible when I had my symptoms as I also got jaw spasms after with it and just completely fatigued at the time.

Rest up.



Hi Paula and Reemz, can I please ask you a quick question?

Paula you said eye's'......did the stabbing pain effect both and then ON just in one eye or were both eyes affected by the ON? 

Reemz, I think we have had a few things in common before now.....we seem to comment on the same stuff and I think you wrote on my post saying that you too had suffered from the fuzzy/tingly/pins and needles head thingy. Mine has been going on for about 5 weeks now but this eye pain is just an addition this last few days. How long did yours last?

I have called and left a message for the GP just to update him....he's not in until if he chooses to do anything then I'm sure he will call.

I shall defo rest up as my balance is completely to pot!!

Plus I consider myself a lazy sod sometimes.


Thank you both,

Mandymoo xx

Hi Mandy

My syabbing pains were only in my L eye and I had about 15-20 over the space of a few hours which gradually reduced over a few days and then left me with a dullache and facial pain. My eye was senditive to light and the wind at the time. This lasted for over a week and I was very fatigued too. I then gradually developed jaw spasms which lasted a week - everytime I tried to eat or evn talk my jaw felt tight and it would bang together on the L. Excrutiating trying to eat my food. Oh and my tongue also went numb and tingly at the front and the temperature sensation went wack (hot was cold etc)

So all in all I had issues for about 3-4weeks. I now occasional have an awareness or dullache in that eye on nodd occasions with some face pain.

Yes Mandy I have had quiet a few similar issues to you. My head tingly thing was intermittent (when I was ill or had a new flare) but always same place. It would only last a few days and then disappear - felt like I had a vibrating phone on my head though.

From what I read when I had symptoms ON and TN usually affect one eye not both together at exactly the same time. Thats not to say it can’t happen though. There are conditions such as NMO where both can be affected at the same time.

Main thing is to get it looked at asap.

Hope your GP comes up with a plan.



I forgot to say ON and TN in MS - its different for other conditions though

Arggggghhhhh, still got it…not as bad I don’t think but now it’s accompanied with both eyes twitching like MAD and pins and needles tingly sensation in Tongue and my mouth, occasionally top lip too. But this ruddy twitching eyes is driving me bonker conkers!!!
Must sleep, must sleep, must sleep…

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I wish LOL

Goodnight cyber friends

Mandymoo xx

Oh no poor you Mandy :frowning:

Its dreadful when your face is affected its quiet diffcult to ignore.

My legs have been buzzing dreadfully as well as my hand and now getting the patches on my head like before. grrr

Its so difficult to ignore at bed time. When you’re busy you can distract yourself but in bed its like everything comes alive.

All I can say is it must be the damn cough - I’ve still got it. My body seems to be going haywire which it hasn’t done like this before- nothing unmanagable but annoying non the less.

Hope you get better Mandy - I think you need to see someone. Did your GP do anything?



Hi Reemz, I’m sorry to hear that your head symptoms have made a dreaded return. I see someone else has posted about these strange feelings…we just need to know what we’re dealing with now don’t we?
I’ve still got everything as before… Except the eye twitching is more severe and nearly permanently twitching. It was so bad this evening that my eye nearly closed with it and now it feels ever so bruised! :frowning:
The doc never got bk to me so he can’t be that worried.
I have to admit I’m starting to get a bit concerned by the whole head thing now…never mind hey…just gotta keep going and playing the game!

I hope your managing to enjoy this weather and get a tan ready for your hols :slight_smile:

How are you today?

Mandymoo xx

I get the stabbing eye pain, tingly head and jaw and faceache, mostly on the right hand side.  Originally I was told this was a type of migraine now my GP believes it TN.                                                                           The amitriptyline usually helps with it as does resting and a cool compress to a certain extent.  ON has never been mentioned in my case, I have had several eye checks and there hasn't been any evidence on ON, is it something that can flare up and isn't present all the time?


This is about ON  this is about TN;


With ON; or with anything you MUST see your GP; MS Nurse or Neurologist.  This is because ON caused by a lesion on your Optic Nerve and can only be seen using an EG machine doing a Visual Evoked Potential.


Good Luck



WOOPS; can also be seen on an MRI

depends if its retrobulbar (behind the eye along the path of the optic nerve). If not then looking at the back of the eye where the optic nerve joins will look inflamed and colour vision will be down and visual fields maybe reduced. You can even have a picture done of the back of the eye which shows you the swelling and an OCT if you’re seen in an eye clinic which does pretty 3D type images.

It does depend on whether the swelling is though.


Hi your symptoms don't point to ON being the cause but more likely trigeminal neuralgia. As for ON in both eyes I've had one episode of bilateral ON so yes both eyes can be attacked.

The best person to decide what is the cause of your symptoms is a GP or when ON is concerned an ophthalmologist not your normal optician.

Hope your symptoms improve, good luck with everything.