Problem with eyes or is it all in my head

Over the last few days my left eye has been blurry and I keep getting a stabbing pain every now and again. Today it feels worse, I keep seeing little lights at one side and have a black spot right in the middle of my vision. It also feels weird like I’m really tired just in that eye! Is it likely to be in my head or is it just because I am tired. Am so confused at the moment.

SNAP Nikki That’s exactly what’s happening in my left eye, pressure achy behind then a stabb then sore like peeling onions. I too am getting odd flashes of light to the side, then black bits (not like floaters) but complete black chunks. Light is really irritating it too. Get it check out good luck Ppx

It’s not a nice feeling. Have you had it checked out yet?

Hi Nikki, It may be prudent to ask for an optical neuro pathy exam, as vision important. I must admit its is worrying Ive been getting similar stabby pains in mine for around six weeks now and I 'm still waiting for a neuro consult. good luck with it. (((hugs))). F.xx

Do you know how they test for it? I had those drops in that affect your focusing a couple of months ago and I really don’t want them again. Xx

Hi Nikki

I had this a few months back. I had about twenty stabs in my Leye in a few hours (really painful). Then a dull pain across my face (ear to cheek and eye and a line up the forhead). This progressed to dull face pain and borring sensation in my L eye and then I got L jaw spasm and my tongue went numb and temperature sense on it went wack.

It lasted about 3/52 but was terrible. I was also quiet light sensitive at the time.

Get your eyes checked - if it’s something like optic neuritis you don’t want to leave it. Even if it means just seeing an optician if your GP or neurologist is unavailable -d ont wait.

Could also be trigeminal neurlagia which is what I think mine was as my eyes were fine and I also got my teeth checked too. Lastly the other one that can cuase eye pain is occipital neurlagia - you usually have pain around your neck on one side though.

Hope you get seen soon. Mine was excrutiating. Even the glare off my tablet was v uncomfy!



Eye sight is precious…get it checked is my advice.


Possible Optic Neuritis see

An opticen will not be able to see damage. If you have an MS Nurse they will refer you to a Neurologist who will be able to ascertain damage using Visual Evoked Potentials; otherwise GP.


Thanks for the replies. I was just going to go to specsavers tomorrow. Is there any point or should I ring the doctors? Xx

I would def get it checked out…optitions cannot diltae the pupil ut they can check pupil reaction ad your visual acuity and check the surface of the eye…but really you need to be seen by an eye dr who could refer you to an eye neuro if necessary…do you have any colour fading? soi would go to your local eye A&E first or if you havea specific eye casualty clinic even better …really is best to get this checked out…could bea variety of things…

I’m not sure where I can go other than a&e and that’s a scary place on a Friday night! I do have colour fading but that could just be because my sight is blurry I suppose. Xx

That sounds like optic neuritis which is what i had/still have. Do u live in London? If so get urself to Moorfields A and E its an eye hospital. if not then def call ur neuro/gp

good luck! If u have any questions let me knw as ive been thru ON


You’ve also got the royal free or western st George’s also around london and many other main hospitals will have some form of eye cas. Still go to your optician’s they can do a visual fields test and if it’s a good opticians they will dilate your pupil to look at the back (though not all optic nerutis is visible on looking inside the eye). Hell you can even ask them to take a fundus photograph which will show your optic nerve if you wanted (I know vision express have this facility). If they pick up on something they may tell you to go eye cas anyway. If you’re not confident and don’t want to go to eye cas get seen by your GP and refrred to an eye department asap.

You really don’t want to leave it Nikki. It may/maynot be optic neuritis but it’s not worth the risk delaying if it is.

Good luck hope you get seen soon.



Thanks for the advice everyone x

Unfortunately I don’t live in London anymore. I am off into town later so will call in at specsavers and see what they say. They seem to have all the gadgets.


I get pain behind one eye, floaters and blurred vision and the neuro told me it was a form of migraine. Prior to getting these symptoms I usually get face/jaw pain on the same side.

Had my eyes fully checked out and I don’t have optic neuritis.

So just wondered can optic neuritis be seen on an mri or only a vep test ?

My mri said nothing about it, but my vision is dreadful can barely look straight ahead ,always looking down as then it feels ok .

Sam x