oops injected at only 4mm advice?

Hi all I just did my rebif jab with the rebismart and thought the machine sounded funny. It did sting more than usual but then I found out why. After the machine beeped I lifted it off my stomach to find tge rebif oozing out of both the machine and my tum! I panicked at first and thought it had given me the whole cartridge as I only put it in tonight. After looking in the settings I found the needle depth was on only 4mm! I have a large blister looking bump where the rebif has obviously collected under the skin and it is oozing out slightly the bump has reduced a bit to what it was. I have been using the rebismart for nearly 2 years and never had this. I changed the batteries after my last jab on friday but surely this wouldn’t affect the settings? Battery changes never have before. Anyway, has anyone else had this happen? Will I be okay? I am a bit freaked out really as I have never encountered anything like this before. Worried too about using the machine again niw. I have reset it back to 10mm Ang advice or calming words will be appreciated Dawn x

Hi Dawn

Please try not to worry. I used to be on Rebif years ago, with the old auto injector. I stopped using it as it would the noise of it would make me jump and pull the needle out too soon. This would result in most of what did go in, being at a shallow depth, some leaking back out of the injection site and the last bit squirting all over the place. Although it would sting and cause a big red lump for a few days, it really wasn’t much of an issue (I checked with my MS Nurse to make sure). Just make sure you look after the injection site by keeping in moisturised and massaging it 24 hours after you’ve injected. Try not to rub it too hard or scratch it, use the ice pack to help sooth if needed.

Then just do the next injection as normal. It maybe worth speaking to either your MS nurse or the Rebif company just to check that your Rebismart will be o.k. I bet you just nudged the setting by accident and the next time you use it, it will be fine, just double check the setting before you do it.

Hope that eases your mind a bit.



Thanks sue. I have calmed down a little now. Dawn x

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Good, glad you’re doing o.k. now.