What am I doing wrong?

I have been on rebif for nearly three months. I have been fine on this however I seem to be drawing blood more often than not. What am I doing wrong. I know as soon as I’m doing it if I have as it hurts more than when I don’t draw blood. It’s very annoying xxxx

Hiya, Where are you injecting it hun?. I’ve been on rebif for 4 months now and have only bled about 3 times. I use the rebismart on fast needle speed and medium injection of rebif for a 10 second timescale. I do 6 sites. Each buttock, either side of belly button and either side below my belly button so this gives me a 2 week rotation. Do you prod your site first to make sure it’s fleshy enough? Dawn x


It may be worth seeing if you can see your MS nurse just to make sure you’re injecting in the right places and that you are doing ir at the right depth. It’s possible to hit a small blood vessel when injecting but it shouldn’t really happen all the time.

Are you changing the depth of the needle depending where you are injecting? I inject manually and do deeper on my tum than anywhere else because it’s got more flab :wink:



It tends to be on my tummy when it bleeds and occasionally my leg. I’ve got the settings on the same as above. Do I need to ve gpibg deeper on my belly in particular? Im not a big lass but have a mum tum so think I probably have a lil more flab on belly however I bleed on thigh too. Don’t tend to bleed on buttocks. I’m seeing the nurse in October x

Would it be worth ringing the rebif support people to query? Xxx


Yes give the Rebif people a ring just and ask them. I remember when I was on Rebif and used the old Auto Injector, I would set it deeper on my tum and shallower on my arms, my legs and hips were inbetween the two. I think after a while, you find what’s right for you.