Leaky Rebif injection

Hi hope you are all well and enjoying the slightly cooler weather?

I have been doing my Rebif injections for two weeks now and i always have a little droplet of the rebif on my skin after the injection is completed. My nurse noticed this the first time and said pesevere with it and if it doesn’t improve we can ajust the settings of the rebismart. Spoke to her yesterday and she told me to increase the injection time from 10 to 11 seconds, try it for a week and if still dripping then go up to 12 seconds.

How does that work then?..I’m a bit confused!.. I did as she said and last night injection was the same as the others, a tiny droplet of liquid on the injection site. I would have thought that changing the needle depth would have been more useful?

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks, Laura x

Hi Laura, Some parts of my body have to be set at 19 seconds. I was getting exactly the same problem as you and sometimes i still do. To be honest if the droplet was the size of a pin head, my rebif nurse said that’s ok but anything bigger than that, increase the time by a second at a time. I suppose it works that the liquid isn’t forced in quite so quickly and takes more time to disperse therefore making it less likely that there will be a backforce of medication?? Only problem I find is quite often I get blood so I’ve no idea whether the meds are coming out or not !!! The rebif nurse said some people on his books have to have it set at 25 seconds.

Thanks fudgey - that makes a bit more sense now.

It is only a small drip most times, but like you it quite often gets mixed with the blood and I end up not knowing what the hecks going on! I shall dutifly do as was suggested and see how it goes.

Think I would get fed up with 25 seconds rather quickly! x

I get this often but my m.s nurse seemed to think it doesn’t matter as long as it is only a drop and not lots more. I also have a drop on the needles sometimes. Never even thought of adjusting the settings to see of it helps. Sometimes I don’t have any, sometimes I do. In my eyes I would think that the drop left is like a residue almost and would not amount to a lot of the injection if you know what I mean. Just wondering did you get a cleaning tool with your rebi smart? I noticed a drop of rebif on mine from my last injection tonight so thinking maybe I need to clean it after the jab too. But I cannot find what you clean it with but the book says it has this? How you doing on your rebif hun? X

Hi Lisa, sorry for the delayed reply - it’s been a hectic few days and not had a chance to log on.

No I didn’t get a cleaning tool with my rebismart either, had meant to ask my nurse about it, but as is so often the case these days I forgot all about it! If you ring the helpline they might be able to send one out to you? Or suggest an alternative?

I’m doing ok on the rebif, except for the dripping which is not really a big deal, I seem to be trouble free. Went up to 22mcg last night and feel ok - hope the same can be said at full 44mcg dose! Hope your getting on well too - it seems to have become a routine part of the week very quickly, which i’m very happy about :slight_smile:

Laura x