does anyone who does rebif after injection ahve a small bubble of fluid left on injection site. i have just started injectections on monday so 2 injections so far and on both occasions had this bubble that i had to wipe away.

I used to have Rebif injections and this often used to happen to me, it is quite normal just dab it away with a clean cotton wool ball.

Hope this helps put your mind at rest


I had this the first time I did my injection. The ms nurse said she had never seen that happen before so I got a little scared then because I thought I was doing it wrong. Ive been on rebif for about a year and a half and it’s happend again on a few occasions, it’s nothing to worry about I sometimes put my cold pack on it. Take care x nicola

A wee drop of fluid is quite common. You can change the settings on the Rebismart to prevent it - just make the injection last longer. I’ve got mine set to 16 seconds - it takes longer, but I don’t get any escaping Rebif any more.

Karen x

Oh! Yes I didn’t think of doing that I’ll give that ago tomorrow Karen x

I’ve recently started Rebif. I remember the nurse saying it’s okay to have a blob after ur injection. Anything up to the size of ur thumb digit is ok apparently. I did what Karen suggested and I have less residue and smaller injection site marks. So it’s all good :slight_smile: Suz xx

thankyou i can stop worrying that im doing something wrong

Hi Shirley

I get it too, so I changed the settings like Karen, I still get a tiny drop but I don’t worry about it any more!