Rebif injections

Hello lovely people

I’ve not been on here for some time, and hope that you are all as well as can be.

I started rebif in June and initially had no problems with it. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks however that it has become very painful, to the point that I don’t want to inject it.

I’ve not changed anything and I rotate the injection site religously.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions, I would welcome them.

Cheers all

Freckles xxx

I’ve found warming the syringe in my hands for a couple of minutes really helps. I also get them out the fridge a week ahead. Different body parts hurt more. I’ve stopped using arms completely. Hips and stomach are the best for me.

Thanks both I’ve got an appoinment with my ms nurse next tuesday so will be asking for help! The only area I can really inject is my tummy. My arms are ok but I find it really awkward to reach the right spot. I can’t use my legs at all, just too painful!


Freckles xxx