Rebif injection mishap

Did my injection last night. It was the turn of my left buttock! I struggle with the ones at the back as I find it hard to know where to place my rebismart. Anyway, it absolutely killed and they’re not normally painful; just a bit of a sting. Then a couple of hours later in bed I started with an awful pain around the area into my left hip and down my leg. It’s still hurting today and I’ve been really nauseous. Rang the rebif helpline and the lady I spoke to said maybe I’d just injected too high up and too far in towards the middle of my back. I don’t know what effect this would have, or why. Has anyone had a similar experience? I’ve been on rebif for 9 weeks and up to now not had any problems.

Hi Sunflower

I had a little bit of the same experence as you when I was using Rebif.

I injected into my thigh and it bled loads. I felt really sick. I rang my MS Nurse and she said that it looked as if I had hit a blood vessel. It lasted or a good couple of hours but all was ok in the end so try not to worry. The worst bit was worrying that it was gonna happen again.

You probably know this already but the fattiest part of the hip is the best place (love handles). Unless you are lucky enough not to have them. My love handles are quite big. Hehehe!

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

Thanks shazzie. It didn’t seem to bleed much but hurt so much! I too have ample love handles but was trying to avoid the site mark from last time :frowning:

Forgot to mention mine hurt loads too. It only happened the once though so don’t worry. And remember the fattier the bit the better :slight_smile:


Try not to worry - 99% of the time the injections are fine but every now and then you will get the odd mishap!

Been on Rebif 8 yrs now.

I have hit a blood vessel several times and have sometimes had the odd painful jab which has resulted in a nasty bruise and painful/sore area afterwards. After a while your skin will become used to the jabs.

Don’t know about injecting too high up or too near the spine but i always go for fleshy areas. The more i injected, i found when i came back to the same area, the site reaction had gone from the last time so i now don’t have areas i have to avoid.


I think if you go towards the middle of your back you’re nearing some of the siatic nerves etc. I’m sure that’s what my nurse said. Xx

I’m quite bony so I didn’t use my buttocks but used my hip area (where we balance our babies) as I do have a bit of fat there. The other advantage is that I can see that bit and don’t have to twist round so far. Never had a problem with that bit and I could still get four sites out of it on each side :slight_smile:

Tracey x

Thanks everyone. Due to do the other ‘back’ side tonight and not looking forward to it. Will go for the hip area!

Done my next injection and all good :slight_smile: Saw the site mark from my ‘mishap’ though and can see why it hurt - was practically on my spine!

On the plus side, you must be very flexible as I don’t think I would be able to reach that far round :slight_smile: I’m glad tonight’s went well.

Tracey x