one more sleep until MRI...

So tomorrow is the big day. Ìt feels so wrong to be excited by the prospect of having an MRI but I will be one step closer to getting some answers, or at least ruling things out. Not looking forward to being stuck in the tunnel for over an hour… will try to think of my kids to get me through. Does anyone know if MRI of lower spine will include the coccyx / tailbone? Having my head done too. Have had plenty of jokes cracked about them not finding anything there!!

Good luck. I enjoyed a nice sleep in there lol Axx

Here’s hoping. That reminded me of my new saying “happy hour is a nap”. Ha ha. Xx

Ha ha so true. It was the peace I liked and nobody wanting my attention or shouting through bathroom doors for me etc lol Axx

Good luck! Let us know how you get on x

Hi, i had an MRI of my brain and lower spine, which included my coccyx. Ask the radiologist any questions you have when you arrive at the MRI scanner. The two radiologists were very happy to talk with me through my hour long scan which I asked them to. They said what segments they were doing next etc and how long each would take to do and check i was going ok.

During my scan I imagined myself doing a breathing exercise and this helped me focus on something relaxing. I also thought about a time in my life when I was happy and very relaxed and made it into a mini story. If you haven’t been for an MRI before I think is the thought of not knowing what to expect. I actually thought at the end of my scan if they needed me to stay in a bit longer I wouldn’t have minded.

Good luck, relax and you will be fine xx

Thanks everyone! Well i am now home and i survived it! The first couple of minutes was the worst bit. Thinking of the kids helped. And all the banging, thudding and whurring drowned out the pulsatile tinnitus… ir blended in with it. MRI top tip - keep your eyes shut. That definitely helped me. It is the waiting game now. They said they would write out to me with the results within about 2 weeks and to ring my neuro’s sec if i haven’t heard in 4 weeks. I am assuming that is standard. thanks again xx

Glad it all went ok xx