Got my mri date, this coming Tuesday!!

Hey everyone,

So I have my first ever mri tues 8th jan at 9am. Got the info in the post today. In a mobile unit. Think I may phone the hospital to check specifics cos the info sheet was generalised ie, saying " it will take 15 - 45 mins depending on what’s being scanned" and " sometimes it may be necessary to have an injection to enhance the scan", but not saying when its necessary.

Also it says at the top of my lette " for: mri spine lumbar/sacral" , does anyone know what a sacral is??

anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get through to someone at the hospital on Monday just to be clear on everything,but if I can’t, if anyone can give me any tips/info/advance hugs type stuff, i would be so grateful!

I know I’ll be fine once its done, but its the first time thing thats getting to me.

thanks guys!!



I’ve had a few and to be honest really find they don’t bother me. They are noisy- banging almost like roadworks right next to you, but they get you to wear headphones with some old 80’s music- at least my hospital does!!

If you do get a dye it feels really cold going in, but again, no pain.Wear comfy clothes as they sometimes let you keep them on or have to change into a gown, no earrings etc.

When in there try to relax and think of holidays,

good luck and let us know how it goes xx

Good luck xx I had my first one in November and was apprehensive but it was fine, the Radiographer kept talking to me to let me know how long each section would take. It was quite busy! I thought I would be bored! I kept my eyes closed just in case I had an unexpected wobble. The biggest issue with MRI is waiting for the results :wink: (driving me nuts at the moment) Sam x

Sacral is the lower part of the back/spine. The triangular part. It should not take too long for them to perform the mri at if that part of the spine is to be done.

They will offer you ear plugs also, so take them as like has been said, they are very noisy. Clunking and clicking away.

Stay as still as possible, and dont fall asleep as i nearly did, and im claustrophobic so it is not as bad as first thought. I was in scanner for a couple of hrs so i had an excuse.

I got my ms diagnosis because of the mri after 2 years of tests. Double figures in terms of lesions on brain.

All the best

Hi jules Glad you have a date for an MRI at last. I kept my eyes shut the whole time for mine and sang my way through loads of different songs in my head to take my mind off it. I didn’t get offered any music and it can be a bit noisy, thought I was on a set for Star Wars (lol) but apart from that it was fine. Hope it goes well for you. ((Hugs)) Mish x

I had my MRI this morning and when they where doing my brain scan I could not stop my muscles from twitching in my arm and shoulder, so I got into trouble for moving, it was a mobile MRI and she gave me ear plugs to wear this along with being deaf mean,t I could not hear her speaking to me with instructions. She did not look to happy when I left.

just hoping it worked out in the end.

good luck with yours

thanks everyone, i hope everyone waiting on results gets the ones they want. random thought about metal things not being in the room, what about fillings? can’t take those out lol.


Hi, please don’t worry, I’ve had loads, they are noisy, imagine your head in a bucket being beaten with a brick!!! But they don’t hurt, just take off any jewellery, watches studs etc and just lay there. Relax, you will be fine x

Had several. No problem!

Please take the advice about earplugs - they really, really, are noisy. And, NOTHING with metal - not a clip, not a zip, nothing!
That bit of metal may not be magnetic, but it could get rather warm in the scanner.
The first time, I even had to get on to the hospital that did my heart bypass, to check what they had used to wire my sternum back together. There was no problem with that, but they do take it seriously.


Wishing you a the best for tues lm sure U’ll be fine I’ve had 4 (3 failed attempts admittedly lol) but I’m seriously claustrophobic so I was lucky enough to be able to have an Open scan which was fab :slight_smile: I almost fell asleep to "/ but as the others have said make double sure u have no metal on ur person at all but they’ll double check n get u to fill out a form first and answer any questions, calm ur nerves etc remember they do the scans day in day out so they’re used to ppl panicking etc depth breath me dear n away u go but should u freak out completely (as I did those 3 times) then don’t worry just explain to the staff that u can’t do it this time they’ll understand then call the appointment line and ask for another 1 to be sent to u and u can always ask ur GP for vallium to help calm those nerves :slight_smile: hope none of that has freaked u out too much :frowning: hugs n good luck :slight_smile: Lou x

Hi, I only had my MRI 4 weeks ago. It really wasn’t bad at all. They put headphones on me and offered me the choice of Radio 1, Radio 2 or Classic FM to listen to. Admittedly once the noise of the machine started up, it was fairly difficult to hear but it did take my mind off what was being done. I just closed my eyes and let them get on with it. Mine took about 35 minutes but mine was the top part of my spine (cervical and thoracic), totally the opposite end from your scan.

I’ll actually be getting my results on the day you’ve got your scan. I was told it normally takes about 7-10 days for the results to be available but with Christmas and New Year in between, this is the earliest I could get an appointment with my specialist to get them. I hope it takes much less time for you and you get some answers.

Good luck.