one for the ladies

Hi I having been suffering for the past few months with vaginal dryness. Its really making my sex life a misery. Can anyone else who suffers this tell me how they deal with it. Im in my early 40s so I know its not the menopause just yet. Any advice woukd be great. Thanks

I really do think that you should talk to your GP. Young as you are, it is not unusual for things to start packing up up a bit early. If that is so, it’s worth knowing, because there’s plenty can be done about it to help your quality of life now and into the future. If that is not the trouble, the GP will still be worth talking to. GPs know that people have sex. Yours will not fall off the chair in surprise.


K Y Jelly or Durex Play. Buy at a supermarket .

You get gel with applicators too. They are really good as you get the right amount. Some gels are runnier than others.


Who’s to say it’s not the menopause, I started in my forties, go see you’re GP, you can have a blood test to find out, I did and then I went on HRT, worth ago, good luck, x

Thanks everyone. I know its not as the doctors done all my baseline bloods when I start my meds recently. Ill go and cech online and see whats available. A bit embarrassing talking to my gp as hes a friend as well.