One day colds??

For the last six months or so I keep getting what I would describe as the start of a cold. Blocked and runny nose, sneezing, scratchy throat etc… It comes on in an instant and never turns into a full on cold, all symptoms disappear as fast as they come, usually within 12h or so. I don’t understand it myself,it’s def not due to allergies or relapses. Wondering if it’s down to having an over active immune system that its constantly battling viruses? But I can’t be picking one up every week!! Does anyone else suffer with this? It’s very frustrating. Thanks

I’m sorry but this does sound very much like an allergy. I have perennial rhinitis which is similar to hayfever (or seasonal rhinitis) and my symptoms are very similar to this. I take a steroid nasal spray daily to control the symptoms.

I cannot tell you what it is that exacerbates it although I do tend to get worse if I am near any fungi and autumn seems to be one of the worst seasons for me. However all year round, I am often asked ‘Do you have a cold?’. I can have good days and bad days with it and heaven help me when I do catch a cold. I can still be stuffed up 6 weeks later

What makes you so sure it isn’t an allergy? There are literally hundreds of things in the environment that you could be reacting to … it is virtually impossible to be tested against every one of them.

Tracey x