I was just wondering if anyone suffers with extreme hayfever at this time of year?

I’ve tried every over the counter hayfever product available (taking way more than the recommended dose just to try and alleviate some of the symptoms), but NOTHING works!

I feel absolutely dreadful, would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this type of thing?



Hi Brecca, It’s funny (well not funny-ha-ha but funny-peculiar) but I never ever had hay fever before I had MS. Now I get it every year in early spring. It makes me feel really dreadful. I looked it up on internet and discovered that it really impacts the immune system… as we have an auto-immune condition anyway I think that why it makes us feel so rotten.

Sorry I haven’t any advice. I’ve tried the usual hay fever cures and nothing helps much, but might be worth seeing the GP and getting something stronger.

Whatever I’m allergic to (and I think it’s a crab-apple tree outside my windows) goes off by about May, once the blossoms are gone.

Hope yours goes off soon. It’s amazing that something like pollen can cause such a reaction, but I know how you feel. It’s just not sneezing and tickley throat but actually feeling very ill. Hard to explain to people who don’t suffer from it.

Pat x

I’ve had hayfever since I was small - in the last few years it’s been getting worse - about 6 or 7 years ago I could be outside when someone was cutting grass, not now. Mine usually starts at the end of April, peaks in July/August when I’m a total state, and finishes round about the end of September.

I am also getting fed up of pills not working - my GP prescribed a 24 hour pill which I take at night. Yesterday it was sunny in the morning, so I woke up sneezing, took an 8 hour pill at about 0900, it didn’t kick in until about 1100, but I didn’t want to overdo it, so didn’t take anything else until teatime. It started raining about lunchtime, so that saved me a bit. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow, so I will speak to him about this then.

I have one of those red light things that you put up your nose (I got mine from Lloyds) - it takes the edge off at the beginning and end of the season, but not in the middle, nothing helps in the middle, except for Piriton, which, once it kicks in, lasts for bang on 4 hours.

I am also getting fed up of well meaning friends recommending local honey - show me where to buy local honey, preferably online, and I’ll give it a shot, although I think it’s another one of those old wives cures and won’t touch the hayfever.

Even though I really don’t like having hayfever, I am glad that it’s not a year round thing and it’s not such a severe allergy that it will kill me - I have a couple of friends who will go into anaphylactic shock if they eat nuts. So, really, hayfever’s not such a bad thing to have.

Luisa x

Hi, hubby has suddenly developed hayfever. He was mowing the lawn a week or so ago, when he had trouble catching his breath. Diagnosed with asthma/hayfever and is now using inhalors daily. He got a steroid one today. Have you tried anything like that?

luv Pollx


I went to the doctors with mine who gave me Beconase and told me to take over the counter antihistamine tablets as well. So far it seems to be working well. I was also recommended by a friend Hay Max which is a balm that you put under your nose which acts as a barrier to keep pollen out.

Hope this helps x

Thanks Donna x

I would also recommend Beconase I have used it for the past 2 years with great success. I have suffered with terrible hay fever since I was 11 (27 years!) and have had to have an inhaler on high pollen days for the last couple of years. I was diagnosed with MS last month after a year of relapses and weirdly haven’t had any hayfever symptoms so far this year not even one sneeze! I was actually planning to mention it at my next neuro appt. I don’t think anyone can appreciate how rubbish hay fever can make you feel unless you have suffered from it, mine used to wake me in the night if my tablets wore off from the pollen in your hair and on clothes. Hope you all find some relief soon.


Thank you all for your advice.

I have tried the HayMax balm which is great for stopping the pollen going up my nose, but it still gets to the back of my throat and it feels like my throat is closing up and I can’t breathe.

I’ve also got one of those thingies from Lloyds that you put up your nose, it does help briefly, but then the symptoms come back with a vengeance!

I’ve never had it this bad before, yesterday was a nightmare! Slept with a dust mask over my nose and mouth lol!

Think I will go to the GP and see if I can get anything stronger.

Thanks again.

Brecca x

Dear all,

I’ve just been diagnosed, and have been ill for just under a year. Last April/May, and every April/May for many years before then, I suffered badly with hayfever. This year, having been suffering with MS, I have been completely free of hayfever. Is this a coincidence, or does somehow MS mess with hayfever, sometimes for the better (maybe me and Cazhos are benefitting), and sometimes for the worse (sorry all the others suffering)? It could of course be related to the fact that during April/May it pretty much rained constantly, washing the pollen out of the sky :slight_smile:


I got hay fever for the first time this year – I’m 57 and a bit old to suddenly start with allergies but there you are. I went to the GP because my eyes were driving me crazy. She gave me Cetirizine Hydrochloride (once a day that I take at night to minimize the drowsiness) and anti- allergy eye drops – they seem to help.

My friend read in a newspaper that record numbers of people are consulting GPs with hey fever this year so despite the rain the pollen is bad.


I have had hay fever since I was about 10, it gets me BAD, it steals my productivity, I feel well…lousy is not a strong enough word. I was wondering if there was a link between MS and hayfever, (in fact I joined up after I googled ‘‘hayfever MS’’, this my first post) so after finding this thread…

Yep I do that, I just sneezed about 15 times, I get hot then I get about 5-10 minutes off then it all happens again, this happens all day. I suffer all year round (i’m thinking it is set off in the winter by house dust)

The main reason I originally googled for ‘‘hayfever MS’’ is because I was wondering if there may be a link between severe hayfever and MS attack or progression, interesting to find this thread and all the things that have been mentioned so far.

With the current MS theory that the immune system is overactive, would it then suggest there may be a possibility of MS attack following a bout of hayfever where the immune system has been particularly active?

Most interesting, (on the subject of ‘‘is there a link’’)

I have not noticed any fluctuation of hayfever in relation to MS activity myself.

I get it even if it is raining or foggy (wet) (does the rain kick up pollen that is on the ground?)

I am pretty sure I am also allergic to some forms of mold. (is there some kind of moldy pollen link?)

I did not get it when I lived in the city (London) (lack of flora and fauna?) (mold?)

Yup I read in the paper it’s particularly bad this year and yes I have noticed the rain has made no difference, (is it the house dust?)

I also read in the paper it has only been around since about 1819, MS was first recorded around about the same time.

Industrial revolution? (chemicals, fuels?)

One things for sure, I’ve had it really bad this year.

Any experts ever post in this forum?

I’m sure it has nothing to do with MS, but I think it has been a bad year for hayfever this year. That’s probably surprising, with all the rain, but apparently it’s had the effect of lengthening the season.

Things flowered late, because of the atrocious summer, so people who would usually be over the worst by now are still suffering.

I’m sure the forecast mentioned a high pollen count for today, and yes, I have the weepy eye again, I’m wheezing, and my nose is running like a tap.

I never really thought of myself as a hayfever sufferer, but it certainly can change through life. My mum swears that my dad (who didn’t have MS) didn’t suffer from hayfever when she first met him, but as I was growing up, he was very bad. He had to have a yearly course of steroid injections to try to stop it, but I don’t recall even that being 100% effective. I’ve known him so bad he had to lie down in a drakened room, and couldn’t catch his breath.

Fortunately, I’m not that bad, but I’ve definitely not escaped. I think it’s pure coincidence with the MS though.


I get it bad in May /June, so its passed now, but i highly recommend Flixonase. Bear in mind that it takes a couple of days to build up in your system and be effective fully. Boots have an own brand with the same ingredient which is a little cheaper.

I acquired hayfever in my late teens and over the last few years find myself taking the one a day tablets a LOT. This summer I have tried oil in my nosed as I’m trying to avoid chemicals, I was quite amazed it worked. Dip a cotton bud in oil (olive oil was recommended, I used almond oil cause I had it in) and rub round the inside of your nostrils. I find it works best if you do it first thing before the hayfever has really taken hold.

Try bee pollen. I’m a hay fever sufferer and have been using it for 5 years now. Without it I would be unable to breath through my nose for 2 months of the year.

Start with small doses, a few grains and work your way up because some people react badly to it, most people find it helpful though. I have found it to be the best cure and it’s been used for many centuries for many things, just nowadays the pharmaceutical industry prefer us to buy their products, none of which have ever worked for me.

A few teaspoonfuls a day with some juice or somethintg to disguise the horrible taste and my sinuses are clear. Still get some sneezing when it’s at it’s worst, constantly clearning my nose and itchy eyes a bit but the main thing is the front of my face no longer feels like I have a foam ball stuck up my nose, thus when I talk I no longer sound like Ed Milliband.

When - what you have sounds more like perennial rhinitis which is an allergic reaction all year round. I have this too. I used to have hayfever in my 20s until I was pregnant one summer and didn’t suffer that year or for a few years after. Then it came back and I took the usual Beconase and antihistamines and thought it would clear up in autumn/winter. It didn’t. I finally went to see my GP the following spring when I was still either bunged up, sneezing or streaming and fed up of people asking ‘Haven’t you got rid of that cold yet?’

I now take Nasacort (I forget the pharmaceutical name as it’s very long winded beginning with triamcin … something or other). I had to take two sprays up the nose daily for a couple of months until things calmed down and now I use one spray per nostril daily as a maintenance dose. It’s another steroid - I take a steroid inhaler for asthma too. It does seem as if allergies and MS go hand in hand but I think that’s because we have an overactive immune system.

Tracey x

Hi Brecca,

I’d suffered hayfever since a teenager, and it had got so bad over the years that it warranted steroid injections until there came a point when my GP refused any more steroids. As it happens I was told around that time to buy local beekeeper’s honey and take a spoonful each morning from January 1st until the season is over.

The theory behind it is that unlike processed and refined commercial honey, it contains pollen particles which taken in small doses densensitise your body to the allergens. I can safely say I’ve had 8 hayfever free years since then.

It’s worth buying and stocking up at this time of year when bees are at their most productive. If you Google Local beekeeper’s Honey you should find a stockist near you, where the flora is similar to that in your area even if you live in a city where pollution aggravates this and asthma.

Hope that helps


Hi Brecca Iv suffered with hayfever for years but seem to be growing out of it (started when i was 5, now 25) where as my sister suffers badly with it. Her doctor has given her Fexofenadine and she says it works a dream xx