Hay feaver meds and mobility

Last year I developed hay feaver for the first time (I’m 58!) I hoped this year it would stay away – ah no. My eyes feel like sand paper and my nose is a tap. The doc gave me ceterizine which cures the symptoms but has a profound affect on my mobility.

I have very little walking ability anyway so even a little reduction in balance etc is noticeable. I wondered what other hay feaver suffers take and how/if it affects you.



Have you tried honey. If you take a spoonful of local honey every day over time it helps alleviate the symptoms.

Sharon x

Hi Jane,I don’t suffer from Hay Fever, crossing everything which should uncross, but I used to take Piriton a few years ago to help with Itchy+Scratchy.More than two tablets in an evening and I’d be exhausted all the following day.The ex was nosey and found on t’Internet that it was Vaso Constrictive.We assumed that there was reduced blood flow somewhere and this caused the knackeredness.

I hope this helps a bit,but could the weather be affecting you, and is there a particular weather type that causes increased pollen?

Be lucky,

Wb xx

Hi Jane, My hayfever has improved sinse i have been on the rebif so not taking anything in the last 2 years. I did however used to suffer quite a lot. I used to find the ordinary citrizine too strong for me so i started to take the non-drowsy hayfever tablets instead. This was much better for me - i found morrisons own brand to be brilliant and a lot cheaper too! If these are not strong enough when pollen is high i used to use a beconaise nasal spray and eye drops as well. All i wanted to do was sleep on the citrizine and i felt awful. Hope that helps. Teresa.x

Hi Jane, Cetirizine can interact with a lot of other meds, my husband is a classic. He takes Cipralex and if he takes cetirizine within a couple of hours he’s constantly asleep. Have you tried hayfever meds with the ingredient Loradatine ( not sure if that’s spelt right ) they are similar to cetirizine but don’t interact with nearly as many meds. I suffer with all year allergies but strangely enough this year I haven’t been too bad, maybe down to Rebif?

I take one piriton or piriteze a day first thing in the morning which seems to have helped. I also have a bowl of natural yoghurt and a spoon full of honey most mornings - it’s better to do it all year round (I started it too late this year) but if you start it before the hay fever season your body starts getting used to the pollen and therefore doesn’t react as much in hay fever seasons - better if its Manuka honey or honey that is sourced locally is better

Just wanted to add that l agree with Sharon. Taking a spoonful of honey - 3times a day- local honey made from the pollen that is effecting you. The idea is to take it all year round to ‘desensitise’ your allergic reaction. So it will not be an instant cure - but certainly worth trying.

Thanks peeps.

I’ll definitely give the honey a try but meanwhile I think I’ll go back to the GP and ask for something else as it sounds as though the cirtizine is interacting with my other meds.

Yours sneezily

I struggle with hayfever but my GP presecribed Fexofenadine 180mg tablets and they are usually great for me, except for just now, I reckon it’s because i’m currently in relapse and my system is basically fecked…I guess? Jools X