Tysabri and hayfever.

Has anyone on Tysabri, who also has hayfever noticed their hayfever has lessend or gone ?

I've been on Tysabri since Febuary and by now my hayfever would be in full swing, and I have really bad hayfever, my face swells,my eyes stream,can't breathe,cough a lot,sneeze a lot, you get the picture.

So far this hayfever. Not even a bit. I spent a day in the garden on Tuesday for the first time in the summer, ever. I even smelt a honeysuckle flower ( they really do smell of honey ) for the first time too as normally if I go just near the honeysuckle, my head explodes.

Now the MS nurse hasn't heard of Tysabri stopping anyone's hayfever, but the neuro did say it's ' theretically possible'. So I thought I'd ask here because....well...because we all know so much! Thanks in advance,xxjo

I too have suffered badly with hay fever for 27 years since the age of 11. It affects my sleep and in the last 2 years I have needed an inhaler from march until September.

I was diagnosed with MS in May after a whirlwind year of relapses and am waiting for apt to start DMDs. I have not suffered with any hay fever at all this year for the first time that I can remember.

Not one sneeze, itchy closed throat, burning eyes or difficulty breathing.
Hay fever would even wake me up in the early hours as my anti histamine wore off.

Could be a coincidence but it is a flipping big one! It’s the one and only positive I can see from being diagnosed with this disease.


Haha, as a fellow hayfever sufferer, I know what you mean, but oh, the images, ewwww!

Luisa x

Oh yes, it gets really messy !

I usually need an inhaler so this is a really big bonus. The pollen is really high this year too.Good luck with the DMD apt, hope you’re finding the forum helpful and supportive, it didn’t exsist when I was DX but I wish it had.Take care.


I have been on rebif now for over 6 years and my hayfever has virtually gone in the last 2 years.  Very strange! I used to have a beconase nasal spray/eye drops and hayfever tablets as well!! not taken anything the last 2 years!


That's really interesting, it's not just me then or Tysabri, Thanks.